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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 2:04:03 AM

Manager 30 irregular behaviour

10 months ago
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My manager 30 has begun to behave strangely. With a solar panel plugged in its shows 20v and only charges at 11w.
It also shows a 4 amp draw from the bms when nothing is switched on. After a time it will show 14.1 volts and charge at 95w.
With the panel plugged in the display shows that the battery is still discharging.
It seems like there is a sensor or switching problem?
After a cool night of running a 40l fridge the battery shows 56%. Running the car for less than half an hour the percentage jumps to 100% which seems very quick.
I reset to factory specs and tried 2 different panels with the same results.
!35a/h gel battery.
Am I reading things incorrectly or is there a problem?
Cheers Bryce.
10 months ago
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Hello Bryce

Thank you for the enquiry.

I would want to check how the Battery Sensor (shunt) is wired off the auxiliary battery negative terminal. This issue can be caused by having this part of the system wired incorrectly. This is normally fairly easy to determine over the phone with your help Bryce. I would ask that you call the Help Desk on 08 8322 4848 when you are with the system to run through some diagnostics.

Thank you, speak soon.

Todd - REDARC Helpdesk.
9 months ago
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After speaking with the help desk I found that the green plug on the bms was slightly loose. I have tightened it up and will monitor to see if that fixes it. All operating properly now. My bms is a bit hard to get at.
Thanks to help desk.