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Friday, 29 May 2020 1:40:36 AM

Tow-pro elite issue

8 months ago
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I had my system installed a couple of monhs ago. Initially the unit was great on the first drive. Second drive the trailer brakes were not releasing when lifting off and the LED was turning purple rather than red or blue. Now the brakes do not come on at all in Blue. Switch to Green and no brakes coming on until I wind the dial right up then the brakes don't come off when I lift off and the LED tunes an amber type colour. Really weird. Any ideas?
8 months ago
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Hello Andrew.

Thank you for the enquiry.

From what you have described I believe there may be a wiring issue with the Tow Pro. It also sounds like the main module (more than likely under the dash) may not be securely mounted. I would like to look into this further for you Andrew. If you could please call our Help Desk on 08 8322 4848 when you have some time and we can do some testing over the phone together. It would be beneficial if you could have access to a multimeter during testing.

Thank you Andrew, speak soon.
Todd - REDARC Tech Support