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Friday, 29 May 2020 1:50:32 AM

Install of BCDC1225d in a Hilux - Cables too short

8 months ago
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I bought the In-vehicle battery charger today for my 2019 Hilux.
Redarc sells a mounting bracket for the Hilux which sits the unit in font of the radiator.
I would expect that the install of the Redarc 40A fuses would be very near each of the batteries.

So that would make the cables on the BCDC1225d too short.

Would the standard install then join extra cables to make them longer to reach?
Or would you open the unit to replace the cables with longer ones?

Not sure what to do.
Suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance

8 months ago
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Hi Paul

Thank you for your post

The cables can not be removed from the BCDC, additional cable needs to be sourced and connected to the leads that come out of the BCDC. Please note the method to do this is in the manual on page ten, please click here to see the online PDF manual.

I trust this clarifies the question for you. If you have further queries, I recommend you call REDARC Technical Support on 08 83224848.

Alternatively, as your query is install related, REDARC strongly recommends you consult with a suitably qualified Auto Electrician as it is advised that components be installed/modified by an experienced person. Please also see the Redarc Warranty conditions, particularly paragraph 6.6, regarding installation by a person who is not a qualified Auto Electrician or Technician.

To assist you with this, the the link below for help finding your nearest installer;

8 months ago
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Hi Cam

Thank you for your response.

I just thought you might have an offering where you sell the unit with slightly longer cables given the size of the Hilux market.
Extending a 25 amp cable by 30 cm would not make sense by some people.

I guess I have no choice.