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Sunday, 18 April 2021 2:30:01 PM

BCDC install

7 years ago
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 photo BCDCmountnearradiator_zpsded42bc2.jpg
6 years ago
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The plate which the BCDC a charger is attached to, is it secured at the bottom somewhere? Or is it swinging in the breeze, so to speak?
6 years ago
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I also have a Patrol and was thinking of this location but was wondering how the 1225/1240 would go if the truck crosses a creek like Nolans Brook for example?

Is the rating on these units sufficient for it to be submerged for any length of time or is it just "splash" proof?


6 years ago
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Hi SizzleChest, thank you for your enquiry.

The silicon elastomer that is used to cover the entire electronic PCB internally protects against moisture, dust, vibration and also assist with the heat dissipation of the unit.
Although not testing to an certified IP rating, it would likely pass IP65 (high pressure water spray) and IP67 (water submersion). Many applications of this product have been in deep creek crossings and across tough terrain. The unit performs excellent under these conditions.

If you have any further questions please feel free to repost call (08) 8322 4848 for technical assistance.

6 years ago
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Thanks Steve.
4 years ago
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G'day to the redarn team, Hope you all had a great exams.
I have recently purchased a bcdc1225 and looking at a DIY install.
I have an 08 GU Patrol zd30 and looking for a suitable place to mount the charger.
I am running a flooded 100ah deep cycle under the bonnet, as room and heat are an issue under the bonnet I am wondering if it is suitable to mount the charger in the passenger foot well on the kick panel ?
The above pic also looks a good position but struggling to find a bracket to suit the position, Does redarc sell these brackets ?
finally if the redarc tech's were to do an install of bcdc1225 to a zd30 Nissan patrol where would they mount the charger.
Thanks in advance, any assistance on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
All the best for the new year.

Cheers Pete
4 years ago
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Hi Peter
Thank you for your post
I suggest you contact Redarc Technical support (08 83224848). As inquiries often with multiple questions will require a number of answers, it makes it impractical for back and forth posts. Having a conversation by a phone call is likely to result in a quicker and more accurate solution.

2 months ago
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Hi I have a 1250D BCDC I’m installing it into a caravan to charge a lithium battery. what wiring size do I need for 12 meter length from the start battery to the Bcdc charger as I’ve heard voltage drop. What voltage do I need at the Bcdc charger. With the alternator putting out 14.3 volts  what size wiring will deliver 12volts and will a 60amp resettable fuse work ok.
2 months ago
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Hi J

Thank you for your post

For lengths of over 5 meters when the BCDC1250D charger is being used, 4AWG (or 4 gauge) cable is recommended minimum size. Also when it comes to fuses, the FK60 fuse kit is suitable for the application.
For more information such as this, please see the user manual by clicking here;

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