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Why vehicle battery specifications are important

Always follow the battery manufacturers specifications


As technology in the automotive industry innovates further and further, so comes the need for different and new types of batteries. Every battery type serves its purpose; whether it is starting your vehicle, running your fridge and camp setup or powering an inverter for your 240v requirements, importance on how these batteries are charged and maintained are extremely critical.


All of REDARC’s current battery charging range can maintain the following types of battery chemistries: Standard Lead Acid, Calcium content, Gel, AGM, S.L.I, Deep Cycle or Lithium (LiFePO4). This makes them ‘one stop’ devices for keeping up with your charging needs.


When in the process of choosing which size battery charger would best suit your requirements, special attention needs to be paid to the following aspects from the battery manufacturer. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount of cycles from the battery and extends the service life of your investment.


  •          Maximum charging voltage required: This will ascertain what ‘Profile’ your charger needs to be set on to provide the ability to charge and maintain your battery to 100% and optimise its service life. For example: AGM/Gel type chemistries need a ‘Bulk’ or ‘Boost’ charging voltage of around 14.4-14.6v, whereas Lithium batteries require a maximum voltage of 14.6v for ‘Bulk’ charging



  •          Maximum charging current required: This must be adhered to when choosing which charger to install (20, 25, 40 or 50A). Commonly used size Deep Cycle batteries of around 100AH, would have a maximum charge current of 25-30A, so a 25A charger would be recommended. Nowadays, some Lithium batteries can accept a much higher charging current, some up to 100A +. In this case, a larger charger is recommended to capitalise on the abilities of a Lithium battery, which will pay dividends and result in a quicker recovery/recharge rate


Full River Battery Specifications


Revolution Battery Specifications

Manufacturer's specifications direct from their website, showing ‘Charge Specifications’



For more helpful FAQ's, technical tips and wiring guides visit the REDARC Resources page.