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Tow-Pro Elite Active Calibration (Blue/Green Flashing)

The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite's Active Calibration explained


Active Calibration is the process of the controller calibrating itself to the direction of travel. Once installed, the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite will constantly monitor the vehicle under general driving conditions; it will record the inertia when under braking to establish the vehicles direction of travel.


Active calibration occurs with no user input required, and with or without a trailer connected. If no trailer is connected, the LED will not flash and the user will have no indication of calibration.


If you have the trailer connected and the Tow-Pro Elite hasn’t completed Active Calibration, the braking provided to the trailer will be similar to Tow-Pro Elite’s user controlled mode, and will apply the brakes to the level set by the user on the gain control knob. To indicate Active Calibration, the LED will glow green with short blue pulses. When applying the foot brake, the LED will pulse green and red. As Active Calibration progresses, the blue LED will increase from a short pulse to a longer pulse with a green pulse. The LED will continue like this until it becomes a solid blue which indicates calibration is complete.


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