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Does a Land Rover Discovery 4 2010 require a LED adaptor module for LED trailer lights?

Does A Land Rover Discovery 4 2010 Require A LED Adaptor Module For LED Trailer Lights? 


I wanted to check whether there were any issues with trailers using LED lights? I don't want the LED module to interfere.



The Tow-Pro™ Elite will be suitable for use in your Disco 4.

The requirements for a suitable connection of a brake controller trigger wire are quite specific. This connection point must:


  • Provide battery voltage output while the vehicle brakes are applied


  • Have 0 Volts output while the vehicle brakes are not applied


  • Accept battery voltage input when the brake controller manual over-ride is operated and switch on at least the trailer brake lights.


  • Accept the battery voltage input as above without causing any damage, spurious vehicle operation or erroneous fault indication.


For many vehicles, the brake light terminal of the trailer lighting socket provides a suitable connection, but this is not necessarily suitable for all vehicles.