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Do REDARC solar panels have a blocking diode?

Do REDARC solar panels have a blocking diode?


No, REDARC panels do not incorporate blocking diodes. A blocking diode in series with each panel will waste more power than it saves because the diode itself will waste some of the power generated by the panel. The maximum output current of our 150W panel is 8.2A, the 0.5V drop of a diode would mean approximately 4W of power lost for each panel (about 16W total if you put them on 4 panels).



As an example, assume a shaded panel produces no voltage and has a current leakage of 130mA. With the other panels operating at their maximum power voltage of 18.4V, approximately 2.4W would be wasted in the shaded panel if no blocking diode is used.


Blocking diodes would prevent 2.4W being wasted in the shaded panel but will instead waste 4W in each of the unshaded panels at all times the panels are in full sun (ie a waste of 12W).


Of course, if you wish to, you could add (sufficiently rated) diodes to the lines from each of your panels, but as shown above it will likely be counterproductive.


You can download this tech tip here.

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