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Career Training

REDARC places high values on teamwork, flexibility, performance, customer service, quality, achievements, organisational commitment and self-development. Training and motivation of staff is fundamental to the company's success. The company aims to provide a fun, healthy, exciting and rewarding workplace. Through investing in its people Redarc continues to attract and retain the best people who enjoy such a work environment.

Redarc values a work environment where people are regularly consulted and able to contribute to the direction of the company. Redarc has an open door policy and actively communicates with all staff to maximise peoples' access to information, in order to help them in their work and to assist them to understand the business of Redarc.  In fact, in a recent independent survey conducted to assess the views of our employees regarding communication within the company, the results were very impressive. A total of 96.3% of employees ranked communication effectiveness as being high to very high. Redarc also has a strong commitment to the development of future competent and motivated technical specialists, through University and TAFE work experience placements for students and project sponsorship.