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Caravan and Camper Trailer travel

caravan and camping

The power of comfort.

All great journey’s start with a destination and with REDARC you have the power to camp in comfort wherever you tow your rig.

As far as the roads can take you, then a little further

Getting to your favourite campsite is all about knowing your stuff and trusting in your gear, REDARC can be sure that you’ll make it there and home again safely.

Whether it’s getting the family out for the weekend or hiding away at the most remote campsite you can find, you need to be able to rely on your gear. The REDARC range of brake controllers and power accessories are proven to survive the toughest conditions and handle anything you can throw at them. You’ll never have to think twice about the reliability of your gear and the safety of your family.

caravan and camping
patriot campers explain redvision


Patriot Campers walk you through RedVision

Justin from Patriot Campers walks you through what he thinks is the perfect total vehicle management system for any camper trailer, caravan or even 4x4 vehicle.

monitor battery levels


What’s the best way to monitor your battery levels?

Shaun Whale from 4WD Action explains the best way to monitor your battery levels in your 4x4 so that you always have enough battery power to get you there and back safely.

testing the tow pro


Testing the Tow-Pro with Caravan and Camping Western Australia

REDARC catches up with Caravan and Camping Western Australia to show the differences between braking force and driver control when towing with the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite brake controller.

Build your dream vehicle and power your perfect holiday with REDARC’s range of power management and battery charging products.

The gear to get you there and back again

REDARC has been trusted to power some impressive rigs that have traversed some impressive landscapes. When you’re ready to take your setup to the next level, REDARC has not only the gear but the knowhow.

Top tips for safe towing

We have compiled some of our top tips to ensure that whatever you’re towing, you get to your destination safely.

safe towing image

Retrofitting a vintage caravan power system

Nathan and Renee from The Great Escape – Australasia talk about how they retrofitted a dual battery system to suit their needs.

retro fitting a vintage caravan

Setting up solar for beginners

We’re here to run you through the basics to getting an efficient solar system up and running and keep you off-grid longer.

setting up solar

Caravan sway and how to avoid it

Caravan sway is something all caravan towers dread, we look at some of the main causes, how to fix them and what to do if you encounter caravan sway on the road.

avoid caravan sway

no limits

Where to go from here

Build your dream vehicle and power your perfect holiday or lifestyle to any budget with REDARC’s range of power management, battery charging and towing products.

bms with redvision

The Manager30 With RedVision Display

redvision kit

RedVision Manager30 Kit