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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 07:18:09

Camper 12V/230V installation based on The Manager 30

5 Monate ago
#14364 Zitieren
Hi there,

I'm planning to create full 12V/230V camper electric installation based on The Manager 30 and I want to make sure your awesome device will work well in this setup and I understand how it needs to be connected.

I'm attaching my plan and have a few questions regarding it.
1) Is The Manager 30 working ok with European 230V?
2) Should I put any more fuses in this setup?
3) Does this setup have any flaws? Is it going to work well?
4) Can I ground both 12V and 230V devices to chassis?

Thank you,
5 Monate ago
#14397 Zitieren
Hi Wojtek,
Thanks for your post and apologies for the late reply.

You have quite a comprehensive system there, but from what you have shown it should work well with the Manager30 and 12V system.

I can answer your questions through, no problems there:

1) The version of Manager30 that is released to Europe is designed to work on 230/240V AC power supply yes. We sell a different model to you, versus the USA and even Australia too

2) The amount of fusing seems mostly correct; the only addition I can see is the need for the Inverter to have one too (unless I have missed it!)

3) From what you have detailed there, I can't see any issues. The only thing I will comment on his the setup of the Battery Sensor of the Manager30 - The lead coming from it that goes to the Battery negative terminal is the only connection to be made there. What I mean there is all other negatives (loads, chassis connections etc) need to be made to the opposite side of the Battery sensor ('GND' side) only. I'll put a picture below of what I mean - it will make more sense there!

4) You will need to ground your 12V appliances to either the Battery Sensor 'GND' post or make a chassis connection. This will apply for a chassis ground connection for the inverter too - ours at least have a terminal to do so separate to the DC inputs. As far as earthing all other 240V devices to the chassis, it is best to contact an Electrician for more information there.

See what you think of the above and if you have any further questions, please let me/us know!

Best regards,
5 Monate ago
#14419 Zitieren
Hey Andrew,

thank you for your reply! It helped me a lot :)

I'm studying this topic more deeply and it's a bit confusing what's the maximum load I can add to the Manager30. On your schema I can see 40A fuse between house battery and the Manager - I understand that the Manager uses 30A for charging the battery, so it's pretty obvious. On my schema the Manager is connected to the battery from one socket (with battery icon) and the other socket (the LOAD one) goes to my fuse box and devices. So it means that the maximum load I can add for the system would be those 40A. However on your's devices are connected straight to the house battery what makes way more sense to me. But what's the LOAD socket for then? Is it to connect it to BMS load disconnect isolator or the Manager has the isolator built-in?

Could you just make me sure how 12V devices should be connected to the Manager and should I also get additional isolator? I think this is the last unknown for me :) At least for now!

5 Monate ago
#14422 Zitieren
Hi Wojtek,

The LOAD pin on the charger is to trigger a Load Disconnect isolator, exactly right.
Any loads you are needing to run for the system (fridges, lights etc) will need to be connected to the battery positive terminal directly.
Or is you do decide to install a Load Disconnect, this device connects to the battery positive and your loads connect to the output of the isolator.

Checkout the wiring diagram in the Manager30 manual too - this has some good tips on how your loads etc need to be wired up.

Thanks again mate!
2 Monate ago
#19827 Zitieren
Does my 12V conection for my 12V Accessories go to the No2 slot labelled "load"?
2 Monate ago
#19828 Zitieren
Hi Brett,
No, the loads go to the brown wires labelled as essential or non essential "loads". The No2 terminal orange arrow line only goes to the load disconnect black wire (orange arrow).
Regards, Lex.