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Saturday, 20 August 2022 12:13:32 AM

bcdc1250d wiring diagram

1 year ago
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I noticed the wiring diagram has no fuse on solar input. Does that mean I don't need a fuse there?

Also the wiring diagram includes no voltage sensitive relay (though I think some of your other wiring diagrams do include a relay). Does that mean I don't need a voltage sensitive relay with bcdc1250d?

Are the thick wires that come out of bcdc1250d 6B&S?

1 year ago
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Hi Paul,
Thanks for your post.

In general, Solar would not need a fuse unless you are wiring in a big array. This is generally only caravan/RV type installs so shouldn't be a problem in a 4WD type setup. If you do want to put one in however, no issue there. Just ensure it has enough overhead to handle any spikes from the output (EG use a 20A fuse for a 10A output panel).

No VSR required with these units, all the switching is done internally and will cut in/out as needed. The older BCDC1225 and BCDC1240 units did have a change-over relay previously, but the current model 'D' range do not need this.

And yes, it is 6 B&S cable coming out of the unit. You will definitely need this, or thicker depending on your length in cable run.

I trust this has answered your question in full. If you are still requiring assistance, please call us on REDARC Tech Support on 08 8322 4848.

Best regards,
9 months ago
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hello I've just purchased the bcdc1250d and wondering on a thaught ,i have 2, 138 deep cycle agm battery's, 1 in a battery box with a 160 watt solar panel running thru a mttp second deep cycle battery is connected to battery box via a Anderson plug and seems to charge ok as the battery box charges .. now my question is can i connect my bcdc1250d to my second battery and will it work ok and charge ok when driving or engine running as sometimes i need my 5,000 watt inverter for power and want to be able to charge battery's up fully after use and if night time solar is asleep.. oh and could i also run a unregulated solar panel thru the bcdc to secondary battery if needed with no conflicts with other panel , thanks hope i didnt confuse you..