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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 07:44:10

Domestic solar? on BDCD1225d

11 Monate ago
#13616 Zitieren
Hi, I have a BCDC1225d and i have been given some sharp 188w solar panels,  can these be used with the BCDC1225d..  Panel Specs are as follows.

Cell  -48 Monocrystalline (156.5mm)2 Sharp silicon solar cells
No. of Cells and Connections -  48 in series
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 29.6V
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) 24V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.60A
Maximum Power Current (Ipm) 7.84A
Maximum Power (Pm)1 Min. 179W Typical 188W
Encapsulated Solar Cell Efficiency ( c) 15.99%
Module Efficiency ( m) 14.24%
Maximum System Voltage DC 800V
Series Fuse Rating 15A
Type of Output Terminal Lead Wire with MC Connector
11 Monate ago
#13624 Zitieren
Hi Ben,
Thanks for your enquiry.

From the specs you have provided, the key one is "Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 29.6V".
The BCDC can process a maximum of 32V Voc, so you are just under this and will be fine.

I trust this has answered your question in full. If you are still requiring assistance, please call us on REDARC Tech Support on 08 8322 4848.

Best regards,
11 Monate ago
#13633 Zitieren
Cheers Andrew, thats good enough!

11 Monate ago
#13634 Zitieren
I presume that running a pair of these panels will be ok,  the wattage will be high but the BCDC will just take what it needs?
11 Monate ago
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Hi Ben,

Running a higher wattage is perfectly fine, so long as the voltage stays the same. BCDC can accept really as much wattage as you want to plumb into it, as you said will only output what it can up to 25A.

Thanks again,
3 Monate ago
#19004 Zitieren
Hi Again,
Its taken me this long to get to the point of actually wiring up vehicle and trailer.   If running a pair of the above mentioned panels .  Should they be wired in series or parallel.

Thanks again
3 Monate ago
#19005 Zitieren
Hi Again,

Its taken me this long to actually get to wire up the system.
If i am to use a pair of the above mentioned panels should they be wired in series or parallel.

3 Monate ago
#19009 Zitieren
Hi Ben,
The panels must be wired parallel (positive to positives wired together and negatives wired together).
I trust this has answered your question clearly. If you have any further queries, please feel free to post again or call 1300 REDARC (1300 733272).
Regards, Lex
3 Monate ago
#19037 Zitieren
I have got a single house solar panel on the roof of the shed to plug into my BCDC charger in, to top up when not using the rig
I have installed an anderson plug on top of the BCDC bracket for the solar connection
I plug in the panel’s Anderson plug and the three lights for the solar come on for a few seconds then go out and the two leds (one each end of the led indicator line)comes on for half a second then the A light blinks steadily.
I have plugged in a folding panel when camping and it charges perfect, not sure where the problem lays. But any help would be appreciated
3 Monate ago
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Hi Brent,
Thanks for your post.

If you can check for me, what are the voltage specifications of the house solar panel you are using? Ideally if you can provide the Open Circuit Voltage (or VOC rating) of the panel for me - to work correctly with BCDC it needs to be at a maximum of 32V.

See what you can find and let me know.

Best regards,