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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 06:28:30

installing 1225D earthing

1 Monat ago
#20014 Zitieren
Have an existing second battery for fridge and power in the tub of the ute already wired to the crank battery.

I wish to install a 1225D do I run all earth wires back to the earth terminal on the second battery.
IE solar and charger earths. Robert
1 Monat ago
#20017 Zitieren
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your post.

If you can find a proper chassis earth/ground, this is also fine. Some people do like to run an earth right back to the battery if they have cable available, but isn't really necessary.
Make sure you don't earth to the tub of the ute - these are known to have poor grounded as they are mounted on rubber blocks.

Best regards,