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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022 14:43:18

Connecting a temporary additional solar panel

1 Monat ago
#20006 Zitieren
Hi, I have a Redarc Manager 30 controlling my lithium battery bank with 450 w solar panels . I wish to instal on temporary occasions and additional solar panel . Can I simply place an Anderson plug directly to the battery bank and feed the solar power from the additional panel ? Will this be ok with the manager 30?
1 Monat ago
#20008 Zitieren
Hi Bill,
Thanks for your post.

I would recommend simply adding in an additional connection to the Manager30's Solar input to handle this extra panel. Connect the panel in parallel to the existing 450W and you will then have a combination - no need for extra regulators etc then.
We have an Anderson to bare wire cable that may fit the task - see more information about these here.

See what you think Bill and if you have further questions, please let us know.

Best regards,
1 Monat ago
#20256 Zitieren
Hi team.

Similar question here, except I have your BCDC1250D in the back of the BT and your 200w fixed panel on the roof.

Want to make allowance to wire in one of your mobile panels down track using Anderson style plug.  Ando plug on the tow bar so when I park up I can get the portable panel out and plug it into the fixed system.

How do I wire that Aux plug into the existing system so I can take advantage of the additional amps into my two 100 Ahr batteries wired in parallel?

Is a wiring diagram available?

TIA Chris.
5 Tage ago
#20682 Zitieren
Hi Chris,

Thank you for your enquiry and apologies for the delayed response.

In order to add more solar connections to a BCDC installation, you simply need to ensure that any added connection is in parallel with the existing setup - positive in parallel and connected to the BCDC YELLOW input wire, and negative to the common ground connection.
The only limitation on the solar input is the Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - this must remain below 32V on each panel installed.

For any other enquiries please feel free to reply here or call our technical support line on 1300 REDARC (1300 733 272) from within Australia, or +1 704 247 5150 from the US.