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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 06:59:13

BMS not charging 240v

2 Monate ago
#20001 Zitieren
My BMS recognises there is a 240v input but doesn’t charge from it (sort of).

There is a charge input going into the battery (say 10.8A), however the unit says the auxiliaries are consuming 10.8A (+/- , these numbers stay fairly relative), giving a net zero charge rate to my battery.

I have only just recently used the 240v function a few months after installation so I’m not sure if something has gone wrong there.

I have disconnected the green plug and 240v for approx half an hour but this hasn’t seemed to have fixed it.

Any help would be appreciated



1 Monat ago
#20007 Zitieren
Hi Chris,
Thanks for your post.

Another question; does the unit show the same sort of reading when charging from Vehicle or Solar as well? Just as a comparison anyway.

If you are able, can you also verify the Battery Sensor has been installed in the correct orientation too? Ensuring that the 'BNEG' side of the sensor goes solely to the Aux battery neg terminals and no other connection, and that the 'GND' side has all your load negatives and chassis ground connections there.

Let me know how you get on!
Best regards,