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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022 15:01:01

Diode size for tow pro elite v3 on 2018 79 series landcruiser

1 Monat ago
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The installation instructions state to use a diode at the trailer plug when installing the tow pro elite v3 on vehicles with a canbus, but does not say what size. So I would like to know what size is required before I install the unit.
1 Monat ago
#19912 Zitieren
Hi Jason,
Thanks for your post.

We recommend the use of our Encapsulated Protection Device (EPDK) for this install. It is designed to be mounted at the back of the vehicle under the tow-bar - and is all sealed for this purpose. The rating is 7A - so is enough to cover any feedback voltage and current.

Best regards,