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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022 15:36:17

Voltage at blue service wire tow pro elitev3

1 Monat ago
#19906 Zitieren
I have installed the tow pro elite as per instructions and used to wiring kit for a hilux. Direct battery connecting and correct brake trigger wire.
Issue is when car is off(no keys in at all) the blue service wire is still receiving a small amount of volts at the socket end on the car.

When the car is running and no brakes are being applied the same voltage is present at the blue service wire on the socket.

All with no trailer attached.

Is this normal and will it drain the battery or effect the operation of the unit.
1 Monat ago
#19908 Zitieren
Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your post.

What you are measuring there is a 'trailer detection' voltage - TowPro does put out a low voltage to sense for a trailer/brake magnet connection and when it does, the circuit will load down to 0V.
You can test this by connecting an automotive test light (needs to have a 21W bulb in it, no LED's) and testing the unit per the following procedure.

TowPro draws very minimal power when in this standby/sleep state (less than 5mA), so all normal by the sounds of it!

Best regards,