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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 06:51:14

Recommendation for a Jeep WK

2 Monate ago
#19896 Zitieren
Hi There,

Looking to see what is the best product for;

- Jeep Grand Cherokee WK, 2011 model, 3.6L
- Power Use: Power a fridge, charge phone, camping lights

Which DCDC do you recommend? 25amp?
2 Monate ago
#19903 Zitieren
Hi Willis,
You should choose a charger to suit the battery. Check the battery manufacturer's recommended maximum charging current and choose a BCDC size that does not exceed that recommendation. For most lead type batteries up to 200AH, you are likely to find the BCDC1225D will be suitable and above that capacity, BCDC1240Ds or 1250Ds are unlikely to exceed recommendations. Lithium batteries usually have higher recommended max recommendations. Bottom line is, let the battery manufacturer's recommendation be your guide.
I trust this has answered your question clearly. If you have any further queries, please feel free to post again or call 1300 REDARC (1300 733272).
Regards, Lex.