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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022 16:07:19

Solar Panel & 1240D Charger

1 Monat ago
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I had a 1240D dual charger installed in my caravan and connected a  120watt solar panle on the roof and charged by the cars alertantor via an anderson plug. The current solar  panel doesnt seem to be providing enough charge and the time and cost to refrabicate the roof to take a bigger solar panel would be prohibitive. So I was wondering if I  could safely plug a 350 watt solar blanket into the vans anderson plug to operate the charger? If so would that work does it need to be a regulated / non regulated solar panel?
1 Monat ago
#19899 Zitieren
Hi Mark,

You can defiantly connect solar blankets to your BCDC1240D along side the fixed panels you already have, You will need to make sure the solar panels are inputting to the BCDC Via the Solar Input wire (Yellow Wire). A regulator is not required as the BCDC has a built in MPPT regulator.

For any further questions, your more than welcome to respond to this email or contact our technical support line on 1300 REDARC (1300 733 272)
1 Monat ago
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Hi Adam

Thanks for the advice and the roof solar panels are connected to the yellow wire. Out of curiosity, what would be the minimium wattage that would safely operate the charger; e.g 100 or 160 watts etc?
5 Tage ago
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Hi Mark,

Apologies for the lengthy delay in response.

In theory a 10W panel would be enough - I myself have personally used a 20W panel as a trickle charge without issue.

Best regards,