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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 07:59:55

Prado 150

2 Monate ago
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Hi, I've had my BCDC1225D installed for nearly 2 years in my 2019 Toyota Prado GXL. I've noticed that the charger doesn't turn on/ activate until up to around 3 hours of driving, depending on the load this can kill the battery pretty quick. I can't have the Waeco running full-time because the charger doesn't turn on all week due to short distances.

Have i missed something in the install or is there a way to bypass the TCA alternator. I've tried hooking up the blue trigger wire with no change or difference. I'm now out of ideas.b
2 Monate ago
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Hi John,
As enquiries such as this may require a lot of back & forth posts, to find an accurate & timely solution, I recommend you call REDARC Tech Support on 1300 REDARC (1300 733272) when you are at the unit with tools & multimeter in hand. Otherwise let me know a number and suitable time to call when you can be at the unit with a meter in hand and I can call you
Regards, Lex.