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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 05:56:31

Read "Bigger is not always better" after buying 1250d

2 Monate ago
#19867 Zitieren
Hey team.

I've fallen into a trap for young players.

Have trawled through the forums first before posting.

Buying gear for installation into the back of my 2021 BT-50 with future-proofing foremost in my thinking - therein lies the trap!


Bought the fantastic 1250D before reading the "Bigger is not always better" article.

Already have a 100 A/hr Lithium battery (not very old) from my old BT-50.

Per your advice here: "I'd also double check with the battery manufacturer to ensure that they can indeed take a recommended charge current of between 25-30A each battery."

The battery specifications Datasheet provided by the manufacturer of my battery lists:

Max. Charging Current [A] - 100, &

Recommended Charging Current [A] - 50

My planned install is:

Have now:


Coming Up:

200W MONOCRYSTALLINE SOLAR PANEL SMSP1200 (next purchase at the end of this month) permanently fixed on top.

1000W pure sine wave inverter

portable panel.


  i) Do I need to add another 100 A/hr battery because I have the 1250D,

  ii) When I pick up my portable panel will that improve the rate at which my battery/ies
      will charge?  That is will the combined amps from the two panels charge faster?, &

iii) Which of your excellent wiring diagrams and other resources do you recommend?

And thanks guys, Redarc doing really great on the world stage.
2 Monate ago
#19876 Zitieren
Hi Chris,
No problem. As that battery has a "Recommended" charging current of 50A, a BCDC1250D charging at 50A will not be too high. You can use that to charge 1 or more 100AH batteries, PROVIDED THEY CAN BE WIRED PARALLEL (some Li battery manufacturers don't recommend charging multiples batteries together).
The more solar capacity you have, the more current your BCDC1250D can produce, so the quicker the battery(ies) will charge. To achieve the full 50A output using solar, you would need nearly 800W of solar.
Besides the diagrams in the BCDC1250D manual, which diagrams do you need to see? What are you trying to achieve besides the typical set-ups shown in the manual?
If you can outline what diagram you need, I should be able to locate a suitable one.
I trust this has answered your question clearly. If you have any further queries, please feel free to post again or call 1300 REDARC (1300 733272).
Regards, Lex.

2 Monate ago
#19881 Zitieren
Thanks Lex, Great news.

I hope I can make sense of my goal here.

Essentially want to hook up the fixed panel, bcdc, inverter, existing battery monitor with shunt, to two 100 a/hr Lithiums.  Will want to be able to plug a portable panel into the mix when parked up.

Plan to run cable from the start battery so will be connecting the bcdc via a piggy-back fuse to an appropriate outlet to take advantage of the bcdc knowing when the car is shut down - no drain on the start battery.

Will have a distribution box sporting switches for led lighting in the canopy of the vehicle and outlets to power led lighting under a 260Degree awning.  

Will include cig sockets, USB outlets on the Dist box.

A number of spare Anderson plugs - some on the dist box and some on the exterior of the vehicle - for fridge, cpap machine (does have 12v converter) etc.

The goal is to be able to park up for extended periods and run the fridge, lighting, 12v cpap, charge camera batteries, laptop, ipad.  Some of the equip will need to be charged via the inverter as they need the 240v.

Thanks in advance Lex.
2 Monate ago
#19884 Zitieren
Hi Chris,
To cover most of what you want, I suggest you have a look at the REDARC RedVision system
If you scroll down on that page and click on "VIDEOS" tab you can see a few videos to help you decide whether that would be a suitable system for you. Whilst it will work with the BCDC1250D, to get full benefit, it works better with the Manager30, which has a battery sensor/shunt that can feed into the RedVision, to give full info on the battery. I suggest you also see the Manager30 Videos tab on
Regards, Lex.
2 Monate ago
#19886 Zitieren
Thanks Lex.

Appreciate the information.

I'll take a look at the links.