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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022 15:30:12

Amarok charge caravan batteries

2 Monate ago
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Hi. Have a 2018 amarok. Just about to purchase a van with 2 batteries. Caravan has a 2 pin Anderson plug to connect to the car. I want to be able to charge from car when motor running. Do I need to install a Vsr controller or a Dcdc controller? Also do you have these in kits? (Cable, fuse, Anderson plug etc).
2 Monate ago
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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the enquiry,

We recommend to put our SBI12 smart battery isolator under the bonnet to isolate power going to the caravan when the vehicle is switched off. this prevents the start battery from going flat. We don't currently have a kit for our SBI12 that will suit your installation.

This will supply power to the vans battery system whilst the vehicle is running. If the caravan doesn’t have a form of battery charging I would recommend either or BCDC1225D or BCDC1240D to be fitted in the caravan. These chargers have both vehicle input and solar input simultaneously.
2 Monate ago
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Thanks for quick response.
2 Monate ago
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Hi Joe,

Your welcome, I have included a Tech Tip below

How to wire a BCDC from caravan to vehicle with variable voltage alternator