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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 07:44:53

Charging Engel Series 2 Smart Battery Box in Ford BF Falcon

2 Monate ago
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As in the topic title, I have a 2007 BF Ford Falcon and would like to set up my Engel Series 2 Smart Battery Box. I believe the BF Falcon has a temperature compensating alternator which has the potential to output voltages too low for the dual battery charging. The Engel battery box has a DCDC controller built in however I don't know if it will be affected from the BF alternator. I would also like to run Solar charging via the BCDC to the Engel DCDC Anderson input. My questions are:
1. Which BCDC In-Vehicle Battery Chargers should I use that would work with the Engel system?
2. Does the BCDC need to be kept in a close proximity to the portable Engel battery box?
3. Do you have a kit that I can DIY for the BF Falcon?
2 Monate ago
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Hi Greg,
Thanks for your post.

Speaking to the team here, we do think that your year/model of Falcon does have a Temp Compensating alternator - however we haven't tested it in-house.
In this case, definitely a BCDC is recommend to compensate for this lower voltage.

What the BCDC will require in regards to connection to the Engel box is a direct connection to the internal battery - it can't be run in-line with another DC-DC charger.
if you can navigate around this Engel DC2DC charger, the BCDC will work well.

Ideally mount the unit as close to the Engel box as possible - we normally recommend a maximum of 1m-1.5m away at the most.

We don't have a wiring kit for this unit, but recommend to connect it up with 6 B&S cable and 40A fuses.

See what you think Greg and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,