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Friday, 19 August 2022 10:53:36 PM

Wiring in a shunt

9 months ago
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Hi, I have a BCDC1225D and 400w of solar. I originally planned to chassis ground the solar and BCDC1225D directly to the chassis in the engine bay instead of taking it all the way to the aux battery negative in the cabin of my camper.
I've now decided to wire a shunt into my circuit to monitor the battery state.  My question is do I need to have the busbar that's got the solar negative and bcdc negitve run through the shunt before grounding to chassis along with the negative from all loads on the aux battery for the shunt to accurately monitor the battery state?
And if so would it be on the battery side of the shunt or the load side?
9 months ago
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Hi Sam,
Thanks for your post.

You will still need to connect the Solar negative cable to a common ground point that also has the BCDC connected to it.
Now with a shunt in the circuit, the BCDC, solar and your other load negatives will need to connect to the same end of it - usually the GND or Load side of the shunt. There should then be only one wire going from the output side of the shunt to the negative battery terminal - no other negatives here than this!
See below a rough diagram of how we wire up our Manager30 battery sensor; it might help you out to see this.

Best regards,