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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 06:44:32

Timer relay for BCDC1240 charger

3 Monate ago
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I have been advised by  a supposed redarc auto electrician that I need  a timer replay to make my BCDC1240 charger work on both solar and starter battery/alternator? Currently my Prado is delivering 13.8v at anderson plug and charger is delivering 14.6 V on the onboard capacity meter but only 0.1- 1.5amps. Its frustrating as the auxiliary  does not appear to be charged even after a long trip.
2 Monate ago
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Hi Mark,

I did respond to your message on the other forum topic, but for others looking at this one....

In general, any of the BCDC 'D' models do not require any sort of relay for switching - they have all this in-built unlike the older models (non 'D' models - pre 2017).

In some cases we can use an SBI12 or a relay when connecting a BCDC to a vehicle with a smart alternator, but only to control power to an Anderson connector/cable for the vehicle.

Best regards,