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Friday, 12 August 2022 7:26:25 PM

BCDC vs Manager-30 in a TVMS install

9 months ago
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I'm planning an install for my troopy, along the lines of:
* Upgraded (sealed) alternator, plus
* 2 x 180W fixed solar panels (will include spare Anderson for a portable panel as well), feeding into
* 1 x BCDC1250D, charging
* 2 x 100Ah LiFePO4 (to start with) batteries. That will then run to
* 1 x TVMS1280 with dual Display Units

My two main questions:
1. What do I lose over a Manager-30 based install, by using the BCDC?
2. Can I regain some of that data by installing the shunt (Manager 30 Battery Sensor)? That appears to be talking CAN, so I'm wondering if the TVMS can directly read the PIDs from the shunt's CAN broadcasts, or if it needs the Manager 30 to re-broadcast on different PIDs.

Bonus question - how open are the CAN details on the TVMS? Could we also read PIDs from something like a Haltech TMS-4 ( Could you go the other way, and feed in to a Haltech iC-7 Dash (
9 months ago
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Hi Craig,
Thanks for your post.

Without using Manager30, you will not see state of charge or battery information - you will only be able to monitor voltage and control your devices with each channel.

The Battery Sensor from Manager30 is only compatible with this unit - it won't integrate into RedVision by itself to show BCDC information at all.

The RBUS network on the Distribution Box is all proprietary, so any other devices won't communication with it. We are currently looking into ways to expand the system to control other devices, but it is all in development at the moment. The products you have mentioned there are part of the consideration for expansion.

I hope this information is helpful Craig, but please let us know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,
9 months ago
#19621 Quote
I would really love to see a Manager-50 !!!!!! Any chance this could happen?
9 months ago
#19622 Quote
Hi Franklin,
Thanks for your post.

We are currently looking into the future generation of Manager, so I will definitely pass this feedback onto our Engineers - a 50A unit would be great indeed!

This would be ideal for bigger battery banks and Lithium setups too.

Please let me know if you have any further questions Franklin and I'll be happy to help!

Best regards,
9 months ago
#19720 Quote
Manager 50 sounds great.  Please make it compatible with a paralleled BCDC 1250D for high charge rate to larger 300+ A/h battery banks.....

Also please make it backwards compatible with the current Redvision TVMS systems.

I would definitely upgrade our current Manager 30S2 and Redvision system to a Manager 50!