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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022 15:08:51

MANAGER30S in parallel.

2 Monate ago
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Can 2 manager 30s be setup in parallel to increase the charge rate up to 60amps.

I am installing 3 x 170AH Lithium batteries into my van (the ones with the built in DALY 100A BMS)

My intention is two have two Manager 30s in parallel being fed from the original 2 x 105AH AGM batteries which will be charged via my vehicle BCDC50 and two separate solar arrays and 240v shore power. Only seeking to use the AGM batteries as a reserve and to power discreet loads that will not be connected through the Van TVMS.

How do I setup the shunt/s and canbus connections to only utilise one display and is there anything regarding the connections into the TVMS from 2 Manager 30s as the amperage would be doubled or do I connect one directly to the battery bank.
2 Monate ago
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2 Monate ago
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Hi Ben,
I would not recommend running two parallel into one battery bank, as they require individual shunts and network cables. Besides this, those two working at full capacity could be drawing close to 70A from the inputs combined & if you are taking that 70A from a battery that is only being charged at 50A, you will ne going backwards on the input battery bank.
As enquiries such as this may require a lot of back & forth emails, to find an accurate & timely solution, I recommend you call REDARC Tech Support on 1300 REDARC (1300 733272) for solutions for charging at higher current.
Regards, Lex.