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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 06:19:19

What do I need

8 Jahre ago
#121 Zitieren
I want to instal in my '05 D4D a duel battery system with solar capabilites to run a 60l fridge some awning lights and maybe phone charger and maybe a couple of other small things I haven't thought of yet.  I also want to be able to charge my camper while travelling via an anderson plug. I also need electric trailor brake set up. I think  I need a list of goodies so I can go to my local installer slightly educated.
8 Jahre ago
#1017 Zitieren
Hi Padba05,

Thanks for your post.

All vehicles with a D4D will require a BCDC charger for the auxiliary battery charging, this is due to the temperature compensating system that reduces the alternators voltage as the engine reaches operating temperature.

These chargers are designed to be as close to the battery they are charging as possible, so with this in mind you will be best served by a BCDC in the vehicle, and a second one in the trailer.

You can use one BCDC if all of the auxiliary batteries are of the same chemistry and the cable between the batteries and the charger are extremely heavy.

You will need to use the BCDC1240 to ensure you have enough current to go around, and check that the auxiliary in the vehicle is capable of being charged with 40A, for when the camper is not connected.

Ideally, the BCDC's I recommend are:

BCDC1225 - 25Amp 3 stage charger & Isolator with MPPT solar regulator for the vehicle
BCDC1225 - 25Amp 3 stage charger & Isolator with MPPT solar regulator for the camper.

We have a couple of brake controllers to choose from called the EB (standard brake controller) and the EBRH (remote head brake controller), below is a link for the controllers.

If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact me further.

Kind regards,

1 Monat ago
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Hi there, I am hoping someone can help me.
I have the bcdc122D charger powering my lithium battery which is charging off my solar and my second battery. Everything was working great until today I had to remove my roof top tent which had my solar panel attached to it, so I cut the wires and was planning to reconnect it all and re crimp everything in a weeks time when the tent goes back on.
Now the LI light in the “charge profile” area is flashing at me while every other light is off. Is it okay to continue using it like this until solar is hooked back up? Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Kind regards,
1 Monat ago
#20012 Zitieren
Hi Mitchell

The Flashing LI light is indicating the BCDC1225D is in a standby mode. Once you start the vehicle or connect solar you should see this light go Solid, and either or both the Vehicle/solar lights will go solid if the BCDC is receiving input from both solar and vehicle.

The BCDC is perfectly fine to use with the solar disconnected.

For any further questions, your more than welcome to respond to this post or contact our technical support line on 1300 REDARC (1300 733 272)