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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022 07:29:08

Solar Regulator and BCDC1240D

3 Monate ago
#18498 Zitieren
Will solar panels with a regular affect the amount of charge the BCDC1240D will deliver to batteries. I cannot seem to get my caravan batteries charge to 100% (320amps) when attached to car, even a after driving 400kms, so was wondering if this might affect the amount of charge. The batteries are brand new and reading 13.3v on the Xantrex dash panel. When

When I attach the Anderson plug from the car the onboard panel reads 14.7V but only inputting approx 2Amps.
I can attach the  240v onboard charger and it will charge to 100% within 15-20mins, even if the amps reading says 280amps.  

I have a Prado with a temperature compensating alternator so it is wired for profile A so blue & orange wires are not connected.  Someone mentioned the regulators need to be removed or a timer installed to cut off solar panels so is this correct or am I missing something?
3 Monate ago
#18551 Zitieren
Hi Mark,
The solar input of the BCDC1240D requires unregulated panels, so a regulated panel will not work. If you are unable to bypass that regulator, you would need to connect the reg direct to the battery. I.e. you must have ONE reg between the battery and the panel. Using TWO regs, (the panel reg and the BCDC reg) will not charge.
If you drive for 4 hours with the BCDC1240 charging at 40A, that is only 160AH into your 320AH battery bank (and it will probably only store 130AH of that), so depending on how flat your batteries were when you started, you may not reach full charge (keeping in mind that once past 80% or so, the current being accepted by the battery will be tapering off, meaning it can take even longer to reach 100%)
Regarding the rest of your enquiry, I would need some clarification. As enquiries such as this may require a lot of back & forth emails, to find an accurate & timely solution, I recommend you call REDARC Tech Support on 1300 REDARC (1300 733272) when you are at the unit with access to the battery and associated wiring and with a multimeter in hand.

Regards, Lex.
3 Monate ago
#18562 Zitieren
Thanks Lex. I will disconnect the regulators and see what happens and let you know.
3 Monate ago
#18952 Zitieren
Hi Lex

I just checked the solar connection and it has a Sun keeper 6 attached to the junction box on the roof so would that prevent the BCDC Charger working?

I ran the batteries down to15%, attached the car and drove for 35 minutes but it hadnt changed the amount of charge. But when I connected the 240v onboard charger it went to 100% in 10 minutes.
3 Monate ago
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Hi Lex

I checked solar connections and found a sun keeper 6 solar controller on roof so will disconnect and see what happens.
3 Monate ago
#19138 Zitieren

I just informed by an experienced redarc installer that I need a timer relay for my bcdc1240d to work so us that correct?  It still doesn't appear to be charging as the onboard capacity meter is showing 14.6 v but only 0.1-1amp input and 13.8v at Anderson plug on the prado.
2 Monate ago
#19391 Zitieren
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your post.

In general, any of the BCDC 'D' models do not require any sort of relay for switching - they have all this in-built unlike the older models (non 'D' models - pre 2017).

In some cases we can use an SBI12 or a relay when connecting a BCDC to a vehicle with a smart alternator, but only to control power to an Anderson connector/cable for the vehicle.

If still unsure Mark, I recommend you give us a call and we can talk through your setup with you and get to the bottom of your issues.

Best regards,
2 Monate ago
#19457 Zitieren
Thanks Andrew. I will call your technicians as I  still not convinced the charger has been set up correctly.