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Unbeatable Rigs: Ronny Dahl's 79 Series

Unbeatable Rigs: Ronny Dahl's 79 Series

Ronny Dahl has quickly made a name for himself in the 4WD community with explorations of Australia in his Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series. We caught up with Ronny to chat about the beloved 79 Series, that's allowed him to see some of the most remote parts of Australia. 


What is the vehicle make, model, year and why this over other options?


At the moment I have two vehicles, my beloved Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series dual cab Landcruiser and I’ve recently just purchased a Hilux for the channel. Though the 79 Series isn’t the most practical vehicle it’s a lot of fun. It’s a V8 diesel with a lot of modifications, it makes a lot of noise and tough as nails. Over the last 7 years the 79 Series has taken me all over the country and is a vehicle I won’t be getting rid of anytime soon.

Recently, we bought a Hilux for the channel to show the progression from stock to tourer, and to show people that you can have a lot of fun with a stock or less modified vehicle. Once this progression is done, we’re planning to deck it out with all the mods.


Unbeatable Rigs Ronny Dahl


What has your vehicle been designed for?


The 79 Series has mainly been designed for long range touring and to be able to handle some crazy tracks. I’ve put it through a lot and it’s a great all-rounder. I’ve also got it modified for towing. I’m able to tow the trailer if I’m taking the family or going far from home, but if I want to go on a short trip I’m also able to make it as light as possible to have some fun on the tracks. 


Tell us a bit about your setup and why you chose to go down this path


In setting up the 79 Series I wanted to go down the touring path. I wanted to be able to go on both long trips with the kids and on fun boys trips. I needed a vehicle that was as reliable as possible so that when I’m away I’m not stressing about something going wrong. It’s also handy that me and my team have the same vehicle so, between the two of us, we can share spare parts.


Ronny Dahl unbeatable rigs


Do you have any upgrades planned or improvements on the horizon?


I wouldn’t mind doing a complete interior overhaul. I haven’t done much on the interior and it needs a good clean and better organization system. I want to upgrade the center and overhead console, and lighting, I also want to add some more electrical ports inside the cab so I can charge more of my camera gear on the go. I definitely need a new navigation system too.


What have been the best improvements you’ve made?


The best improvement I’ve made is an engine upgrade, with a water sealed alternator and engine tune, which gives me a better drive. Since I’ve had the 79, I’ve also tried a lot of different tyres but three years ago I got some Maxxis tyres and haven’t looked back. The grip and low noise factor make them a great all-round tyre.


Ronny Dahl



What REDARC products do you have on-board and why did you choose them?


I have a Manager30 Battery Management System in the back of the 79. I like it because it’s one unit that does everything, a complete power solution including both solar and AC. I also like that it’s engineered for lithium and when paired with my 100Ah lithium battery is a great combo. I have a 700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter connected to it, which is more than big enough for me and I could probably even get away with downsizing to a 350W inverter as the stuff I tend to charge doesn’t draw much power.

Under the bonnet, a BCDC1225D In-Vehicle Battery Charger sorts the secondary battery out. I have two batteries up the front for winching and powering my lights etc, while the third battery in the canopy is powered by the Manager30. For solar I have two 80W solar panels on the roof, one for the front batteries and one on the canopy for the rear battery. I also really like the amorphous solar blankets for solar power, as they’re efficient on overcast days.


Ronny Dahl


What has been the most rewarding thing about your vehicle?


I love my vehicle; it has provided me with many years of fun and adventure and has been with me through ups and downs. The most rewarding thing about the 79 is just getting to drive it. It’s a big V8 and getting to open it up while cruising down a gravel road when you’re headed out bush is just so satisfying.  

So, there you have it, Ronny Dahl's 79 Series. To follow Ronny on his adventures and learn a bit more about him you can find him on YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook or checkout the 4 Wheeling Australia website

Want to kit your rig out ready for off-grid travel like Ronny? Check out his 'Modified' 79 Series video below.


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