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Why you need a REDARC gauge...

Why you need a REDARC gauge...

We are used to relying on warning devices to let us know when things have gone wrong – and most of our vehicle instruments are setup only to give us this indication. Aside from the engine temperature gauge, most vehicles tell us little information about the vitals until it’s at situation critical – and these days there are plenty of vehicles that don’t even have a temperature gauge, just a blue light for colder than operating temp and a red light for too hot!

Warning devices are great, they bring you back to reality when you are enjoying taking in the sights as you cruise along almost in a daydream. And under normal conditions this is when they come in handy, low coolant alarms for example, the loss of coolant can come as a surprise – and one you want to be warned of before damage occurs. When it comes to low oil level or pressure, low battery voltage, transmission over heating, fridge getting warm, exhaust gas temperature or boost pressure too high – we rely on warning devices, or simply finding out the hard way. But it doesn’t have to be like that. 


REDARC have you covered...


REDARC's extensive range of gauges can warn you when the measured factors are getting too extreme – before it’s too late. The gauges allow you to keep an eye on what’s going on under the bonnet, so you can enjoy your trip and not be caught out by a problem that could have been avoided.



The REDARC gauges are a great must have vehicle accessory for any 4WD and Camping enthusiast. These gauges are ideal for monitoring vehicle health like battery voltage, current draw, exhaust gas temperature (EGT), manifold boost & vacuum pressure, oil pressure and a range of temperature applications such as outside, cabin, oil, water, coolant, fridge and winch temperatures. This extensive range of LCD/LED gauges are Australian made and combine dual or triple functions. The REDARC Gauges place all necessary information in clear view enabling the monitoring of key vehicle functions and take up very little space on your dash. 



Simple to install and operate, REDARC also offer a range of mounting solutions, as well as a lighting controller to dim the gauge to match the vehicles instrument panel lighting and an adaptor to fit the 12V gauges to a 24V vehicle. With optional sensors you can measure current to, (when charging) or current out of the battery whilst it’s in use, helping to customise the setup to suit your individual needs. 


When it comes to battery voltages for example, it can provide comfort to see the vehicle charging system is performing as it should, as well as get an indication of the auxiliary batteries health and maybe even the amount of power going into or out of it at any given time.


If you have a dual battery set up, this dual voltage gauge will measure 2 battery voltages and current, you can measure battery charge and should the battery voltage get too low or too high for any reason, the gauge will set off an alarm alerting you to a potential problem – possibly a flat battery!


It’s a must if you want to use electrical powered equipment (fridge, lights, camera, phone, laptop etc.) when you’re out bush, the Dual Voltage gauge will alert you to any dangers that may be on the horizon to ensure you don’t flatten your battery.


OEM Business Development Manager, Stuart Peddle said,

“I have the Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge fitted and it helps me monitor the performance of my turbo diesel engine, especially when I’m towing, I can make sure I don’t overdo it especially on any long steep climb – I know exactly what is going on and can pre-empt any type of failure that will save me money… like a costly engine rebuild from the engine overheating… I’d rather pay for a new radiator hose than fork out for an engine rebuild!”


This range of REDARC gauges is another step for REDARC in our commitment to customer satisfaction and product development. Regardless of the Gauge you choose, you’ll be assured of the high quality and reliability that comes with every REDARC product. The full range of gauges are available to purchase here /gauges.


4X4 expert Pat Callinan reviews the range of REDARC Gauges and explains the benefits of closely monitoring vehicle systems to get the most out of it. 


The full range of 52mm LCD LED REDARC Gauges:


Whether it’s monitoring the vitals for performance, reliability, or comfort, REDARC have a range of gauges that are built to be read. Utilising the full area of a 52mm pod type gauge with up to three functions per display, you can measure temperatures, pressures, voltages and current flow with units that enhance the look of your vehicle. You can even set them up to alarm and warn you when the measured factors are getting too extreme – before it’s too late. The gauges allow you to keep an eye on what’s going on under the bonnet, so you can enjoy your trip and not be caught out by a problem that could have been avoided.

Looking to start your 4x4, camper trailer or caravan upgrade but not sure what products will allow you to travel the way you want? Take the REDARC Hilux product tour to find out what products are best for your power management and towing needs.


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