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Why you need an inverter on the road

Our friends from The Todoing Family are here to tell you why a pure sine wave inverter can make life on the road that much easier with a steady stream of 240v power...


A day in the life of a REDARC 3000W inverter


It’s the big red box that’s the envy of its peers. But what’s all the fuss about? What can this box do that makes life so much more comfortable on the road? Do you really need a REDARC Inverter in your caravan, camper or motorhome?


redarc sine wave inverter


In short, the REDARC Inverter takes your caravan’s 12V (Battery or Solar) power source and converts it into 240V in traditional power sockets, just like you have at home. It makes it possible to use almost any tool or appliance you might like to bring along on your lap of Australia, epic adventure or even weekend getaway. Sounds good, right?!


How to choose the right inverter


Before you get plugging in, there are a few considerations. There are a couple of ways to set up an inverter, and a few different sizes to consider, too. Inverters start as small as 350W in the REDARC Inverter range, enough to power your washing machine, laptops and other electronic devices. If you are looking at running something a bit thirstier on the power, perhaps the microwave, a coffee machine or even a Thermomix, you’re going to want to look towards the top end of the range, sizes like the 3000W REDARC Inverter that we have installed in our caravan.

Some of the smaller inverters allow you to plug a device directly into the inverter. Larger ones like ours really need a professional 12V and 240V Electrician to install them safely. We had ours wired into the van properly, complete with safety switch and manual switch-over between mains power and our inverter. This installation allows you to use any of the 240V sockets in your caravan, which means powering multiple devices and appliances is a breeze. It’s also safe as it’s not possible to super charge with both 240V mains power into the caravan and 240V power from the Inverter in those sockets!

We live full time in our caravan on the road, travelling Australia sharing the adventure with our three boys.  Sure, you can go camping with just a tarp and some matches, but when it’s your fulltime life, it’s great to have one of these babies on board in your caravan. We think you should have one too, so we have shared a day in the life of a REDARC Inverter.


Here’s what a day in the life on a REDARC 3000W inverter might look like…


First thing

Time for a coffee! With the flick of a switch, your coffee machine rumbles into action, and you’re sipping a perfectly frothy cappuccino right on the beach without leaving your campsite.


Breakfast time

The kids love their flavoured instant porridge sachets. It’s a rare treat. They add milk and pop it into the microwave for 90 seconds, and voila, breakfast is served.


using a microwave on the road


Never have a bad hair day again!

Let’s face it, there’s no need to impress anyone when you’re camping, but sometimes it feels good to brush out that dirt and tidy up that hairstyle. The hair straightener warms up, and your morning routine is suddenly just the same as it would be at home.


The washing basket is full

The dirt doesn’t just get in your hair! The kids are spending their days outside (no complaints there!) and their filthy clothes speak volumes of all of the fun they’ve had. No drama, throw them into the machine, turn on the inverter and let technology take the hard work out of washing time. Your neighbours will look on with envy as you hang out the washing from your machine in the middle of the bush!


clean clothes off the grid


There’s email to be checked and an important document to finalise

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid working, even when you are camping. Being able to access your work from anywhere might mean you can stay away from home longer…that’s a win! You plug the laptop in and thanks to the sun and your REDARC inverter, your computer is back up and charged in no time.


read emails off road 


It’s been a hot day, and you would love a smoothie. Or perhaps it’s time to prepare dinner…

…everyone laughed at you when you packed your Thermomix for a camping trip, but look who’s laughing now? Thanks to your inverter, your Thermomix can take the time out of dinner prep and dinner can cook away in the Thermomix while you enjoy watching the sunset. Or perhaps you prefer to use it to whizz up a happy hour cocktail with friends. Whatever the use, your inverter will ensure you can power your Thermomix wherever you are in Australia.


The sun is setting, let’s capture that epic drone or sunset shot

We charge all of our devices during the day, taking advantage of plenty of sun with our REDARC solar regulator. Your camera or drone is charged up and ready to grab that epic sunset photo.


drone shots off road


There you have it. Within a day, you have used your REDARC inverter for everything from making a frothy coffee, doing a load of washing in your machine, straightening your hair, cooking and charging with various appliances and electronics. From literally anywhere! That’s just the beginning…whatever appliances you use at home, can be used with your inverter.  


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