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Where are you heading this Christmas?

With the summer holiday season fast approaching and everyone getting ready to escape for the Christmas period. We caught up with some of our ambassadors and friends to find out their favourite destinations for a Christmas trip and where they’re planning to escape to this holiday season.

New Zealand

Emma Orchard

Our favourite Christmas destination is Northland, on the North Island! It's the ultimate summer playground, the beaches are some of NZ's best. You can always find a corner to yourself and it takes less than an hour to get from one coast to the other, meaning you can watch the sunrise on an east coast beach and the sunset on a west coast beach on the same day. It's the best when you can round up a group of mates and park up for a while. Our days are happily filled with surfing, freediving, a lot of food and a few beers, it doesn't get much better than that.

Beach camping with off-grid power

Bel Jones

This Christmas period we'll be doing a few 4x4 trips with some good friends here in the South Island. We plan on getting into Macetown, Skippers Canyon, Fairlight and cover Pisa and Old Woman Range. We love these spots because of the beautiful diversity that they provide, from barren alpine mountainscapes where only tussock grows, to the lush historic vegetation planted throughout Macetown which served as a food source for the gold miners who resided there in the 1800's.

As we and some of our friends have young children, these locations provide a safe and explorative environment for the kids where they can play and gold pan in the rivers, make huts and shelters, and (by permit in some locations) can make fires to toast marshmallows on. But the best part of these locations is the complete lack of cell phone coverage so that we can all switch off from the world and our busy lives, and fully immerse ourselves in the experience of being in the outdoors together.


Bridget Crosato – B.Yourself

The best destinations are the ones where the sun is out, bikinis are on and the drinks are flowing around the water. It's not so much the favourite destination for me, it’s all about who makes the destination. The people you surround yourself with always make it and make those amazing memories. I’m wanting to head to Fraser Island if I can get there, it’s been the number one beach I’ve wanted to get to for a very long time.

Ryan Formosa

For Christmas this year I will be solo on the road so am looking to organise a Christmas with other travellers down south in Western Australia. The reason for this location is because it will be warm, right on the beach and in my mind a perfect location for a Christmas Day spent with other likeminded travellers. Christmas is about family in my opinion, but family doesn’t always have to mean genetics, sometimes you can choose who you want to feel like family. I’m sure it’ll be a great Christmas with a difference this year.

12V power for remote camping

Maddi Todman – She Who Explores

If there’s one thing I hate whilst travelling - it would definitely have to be CROWDS! It’s hard to escape Christmas crowds anywhere so I guess that’s why I’m a sucker for spending my Christmas days at home. Besides, my home on the ocean is a holiday destination in itself. Here in Wollongong, NSW we have pristine beaches hugged by the emerald mountain ranges, you can’t go wrong for adventures in our region. I have to say however, after spending 15 weeks in lockdown, I’m itching to get away this summer for a road trip around NSW in my recently converted transporter van, Tilly. I’m looking forward to visiting the far south coast, to places such as Eden and Bermagui. I also can't wait to visit new places away from the coast such as NSW’s most western national park, Mungo and the amazing waterfalls in the Ebor area.

Matt Field – Field Days

The last couple of Christmas trips have been down south between Cape Le Grand and Israelite Bay. The squeaky white sandy beaches and crisp crystal-clear waters are what always draw me back. Not only that, but there are also a lot of off-grid incredible 4WD and fishing spots to see without being hassled by the Christmas crowds, and the weather is usually perfect this time of year.

This year I am heading down south again, and I am focusing on ultralight fishing off the endless sandy beaches and awesome rock formations. It's up there with some of the most fun you can have in my opinion.

Mark Wiseman – Sidetracked Australia

Our favourite summer holiday destination is definitely the beach, camping on the sand and tucked away from the crowds with plenty of shade and refreshments.

Sam Eyles – Built Not Bought

Being from WA originally, it was always my favourite place to head south of Perth towards Albany and Esperance. Although I live in QLD now, I’m actually lucky enough to head back there for 2021, so you will see me soaking up the sun on the white beaches of WA!

REDARC powering remote camping

Bri Voto

Home is my favourite destination for Christmas, nothing completes Christmas more than a lunch with the family and finishing the day off with a drive down to the local beach in Crescent Head, NSW. We have a tradition of taking the 4WDs down to the beach and chucking in a few lines off the shore. That's where you'll find me this year.

Pacha Light

Spending time with loved ones in a place that you love has to be the best destination. This year we will be basing around our mountain home in Gumbaynggirr country with family. We’re looking forward to swimming in the freshwater springs, horseback riding, walking up mountains and spending our days at the beach. One of our favourite places is lutruwita/Tasmania with wild, pristine, and untouched natural beauty. We’re planning a trip back here in early 2022 for the Takayna Trail run, a campaign by the Bob Brown Foundation to protect old-growth forests from logging and mining threats as well as returning the scared land back to the Indigenous peoples.

TJ Jack

This year I’ll be heading down to Fraser Island to get off grid and explore the sandy island for Christmas.

Mike Collister – Adventure Curated

This Christmas we’ll be heading to one of our favourite remote beaches along WA’s south coast. While I won’t share the spot, I will say that if you’re in WA and you pick anywhere between Augusta and the WA/SA border you can’t go too far wrong!

Matt & Holly – Overland Travellers

Our favourite Christmas destination would have to be the South Coast of NSW. Ever since I was a baby, we have been going to Batemans Bay every summer. Home to my favourite beach in the world, Denhams beach, and with lots to explore in the region, whether it be a Sunday drive for some fresh seafood or a decent 4WD track.

Kerry & Troy – Allards Across Oz

Without a doubt our favourite destination for Christmas holidays is off grid beach camping. This year we are heading to the pristine Ningaloo Coast, WA. 

Trace & Rob - The Blonde Nomads

We love a good road trip over the holidays. We often pack up the rig and head north to explore a few of our favourite places on our way to QLD. There's some epic little spots that we have found over the years including Hat head, South West Rocks and Lennox Head.

Camping with all the luxuries from home with 12v power.

Hopefully, we’ve provided a little inspiration for your Christmas getaway destination. Check out our best Christmas destinations blog and NO LIMITS series to see some more epic locations around Australia for your next summer getaway.

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