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Unbeatable Rigs: The REDARC Hilux

Unbeatable Rigs: The REDARC Hilux

For the latest instalment of REDARC’s Unbeatable Rigs series we thought we’d stay close to home and speak to Steve Moore, our Area Sales Manager for SA about his REDARC Hilux.

Designed as a mobile showroom, training tool, and touring rig, the 2016 Toyota Hilux SR5 D4D is kitted out to help customers understand what is best suited to their vehicle and setup. Having the ability to demonstrate several different dual battery options, from entry-level to ultimate in one vehicle is a great way for customers to understand what they need and how they can achieve it.


REDARC inside and out


Wrapped in REDARC red, the Hilux is instantly recognisable to anyone passing by but was designed for more than just good looks. Several upgrades have been made to ensure that the vehicle can handle itself on and off-road, despite the weight on board from accessories and marketing material that is carried.


It features: 

-          Upgraded BP51 suspension from ARB

-          ARB under vehicle protection and Accent canopy

-          Frontier long-range fuel tank

-          Cooper S/T Maxx Tyres

-          And more Lightforce lights than you can poke a stick at


REDARC lightforce setup 

Everything but the kitchen sink


Steve’s Hilux was not only designed for showing off REDARC products but needed to be able to be used for camping and trips. As an Area Sales Manager, Steve is often on the road visiting customers and heading to shows and events, so it needed to be able to go fully off-grid and still be functional. This led to the canopy being kitted out with all the necessities of camping plus a few luxuries for good measure.


These include;


-          60L ARB Elements fridge

-          MSA drop slide and fridge cage

-          Outback drawer system

-          Rhino Pioneer rack

-          Sunseeker awning

-          Rhino Batwing awning

-          ARB compressor

-          Travel Buddy oven

-          Cel-Fi phone signal repeater


REDARC rear drawers


It’s what’s inside that counts…


Being a mobile showroom, the Hilux is equipped with possibly more REDARC than is necessary for one vehicle. Up the front, a Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller handles any towing or braking needs. The cab is also fitted with a Hummingbird RF Battery Monitor and GPS Speed Alert to keep an eye on speed and battery voltages.

Under the bonnet, a BCDC1225D In-Vehicle DC Battery Charger looks after an auxiliary battery which powers a 350W Pure Sine Wave Inverter used for dashboard accessory sockets and canopy lights. A Smart Start SBI12 is also installed as a jumpstart assist in case of a flat battery.

Inside the canopy, RedVision lets Steve easily monitor and control the rear lithium battery plus all lights and accessories. RedVision consolidates a lot of components and is easily controlled by a mounted screen or through Bluetooth on a smartphone.  “The beauty of the RedVision is the ability to control everything I need,” says Steve, “It takes the guess work out of my battery system. I am 100% aware of my batteries state of charge at all times.”  


REDARC RedVision Hilux setup


On top of it solar panels are mounted on a tilt rack system, enabling them to harness maximum solar power by being always angled towards the sun. This charges the lithium battery under the canopy and feed into The Manager30 Battery Management System. If the roof is shaded additional solar in the form of a solar blanket can be attached via an Anderson plug.


What’s next?


Whilst the Hilux is pretty much at capacity for extras there is still a little room in the cab for gauges which Steve hopes to install soon. These include the EGT & Boost Pressure Gauge and Dual Voltage Gauge for monitoring exhaust gas temperature and voltage.


And the best part about it all?


“The way the vehicle handles off-road,” says Steve, “Despite the weight on board it’s an extremely capable 4x4 and loves nothing more than getting off the blacktop, be it rocky ascents and descents, long dirt roads, or sand driving. Being fully equipped with everything I need to tackle the tracks and enough battery and solar power to stay as long as I like when I get to my destination, that’s living the dream.”


Want to take a closer look at the equipment inside the South Australian REDARC Hilux? Take the virtual tour to discover all of the REDARC power management and towing accessories on-board.


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13/05/2020 5:22 PM
i see on in the ascent canopy he has a self holding all his redarc gear so you can access it though the side window where did he get this done
13/05/2020 5:22 PM
14/05/2020 3:32 PM
Hi Shane,

The shelf shown was custom made in South Australia from one of our partners. Call the REDARC help desk on 08 8322 4848 and they may be able to connect you with someone in your area.