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Trying something new this Easter

Trying something new this Easter

For many people, Easter is a time to get away from the daily grind for the first time during the year - it’s a chance to roll out the swag, pitch a tent, set up a camper, or hitch up the caravan and head away for 4 days of fun.

Whether you head bush, chase a river setting, or maybe your favourite caravan park, Easter brings with it a tradition of sorts. With hot x buns and the Easter egg hunt, it's a ritual that every kid remembers doing when growing up, particularly when camping. 

Setting up your Easter camp with family and friends, often means having a campfire which itself is a massive drawcard, especially when an open fire is the perfect place to cook pretty much anything – it could be a barbie, boiling the billy for a cuppa, or a sensational camp oven meal.


Travelling this easter MATG

So why not start a tradition of your own…yep, create a dish that you cook on a campfire. Better still, create something that you only cook at Easter time - it might be a main meal or a delicious dessert. Or why not do both! The trick here is to only cook it at Easter time, and you’ll be surprised how it will quickly become a family/friend tradition, which could end up being handed down from generations for years to come.

Call us a bit sentimental, but there’s something special when you cook a once a year Easter dish over an open fire that everyone gets involved in. From collecting the wood to preparing the fire pit, along with helping prepare the food, it’s just as good as decorating the Xmas tree! Only this is better, as you get to enjoy your food with family and friends under a million stars, with the bush TV that keeps you warm at night.

Here is one of our favourites that you can try this Easter, and who knows, it might become your family’s favourite Easter Tradition.

Recipe (Campfire Cones)



1 packet Waffle Cones


Mini marshmallows

Peanut Paste

Milk Choc Bits



  1.        Peel and slice the bananas into small chunks.
  2.        Spread some peanut paste on the inside of the cones.
  3.        Layer some banana, choc chips and marshmallows in each cone.  Repeat until reaching the top of the cone.
  4.        Wrap the cones in foil individually and place over hot coals for 5-10 minutes, turning occasionally.
  5.        Unwrap to check it’s all ooey and gooey, yummo!


Have a Happy and safe Easter.
Grant & Linda
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Campfire during Easter

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