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Travel Outback Australia review the Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controller

Travel Outback Australia review the Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controller

Earlier this year we gave Gary and Amanda from Travel Outback Australia a REDARC Tow-Pro electric brake controller for them to review on their journey to the centre of Australia. We knew they would be travelling through some of Australia’s most rugged terrain so we were interested to hear how our brake controller worked.


Why a Tow-Pro Elite?


On previous trips Gary and Amanda had never needed an electric brake controller as they were towing a small off-road box trailer, this journey would be different as they had a camper trailer weighing over 750kg. So why the Tow-Pro Elite? According to Gary, it was because it is made and manufactured in Australia, which is in keeping with his ‘try locally made’ mantra.


The Travel Outback Australia setup


Gary was impressed by the small size and incognito install of the Tow-Pro Elite saying, “Once fitted the only thing to suggest you even have a brake controller is a small fascia switch that sits in amongst your original switches on the dash. The controller itself is fitted up under the dash and out of the way.”


Set and forget


Another useful feature of the Tow-Pro Elite which caught Gary's attention was the two different modes of operation; proportional and user-controlled. The set and forget proportional mode meant that Gary once again admired the discreet nature of the brake controller saying, “Once I set the dial (between 1 and 10) I never had to adjust it again over the time I had the trailer hooked up.”


Just like a bought one


So how did it perform? Gary and Amanda loved the manual override function and the extra level of safety it brought them whilst on the road. Although rarely used, the user-controlled mode was a good safety blanket, “The main thing I noted was in the event the trailer got a sway up, I could manually depress the dial to activate the trailer brakes only, thereby reducing the sway. This I thought was important.”


A blessing in disguise 


In the end, the Tow-Pro proved its worth after saving the team from a potentially hairy situation. One of their wheel bearings had gone, causing damage to one of the brake wires. The Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controller recognised this and started flickering, alerting Gary. If this issue had gone unnoticed it could have had dire consequences especially being in such a remote location. In his own words “If the light had not alerted me I could well have lost a wheel causing more damage or even worse, causing an accident that could have resulted in something else much worse. In this case, the Tow-Pro Elite was a blessing in disguise. Thanks, REDARC for a great product."


A place to call home


Together, Gary and Amanda form Travel Outback Australia, a couple who share a love for camping, nature, bushwalks, travelling, and gadgets amongst many other interests. Based in Alice Springs their number one passion is the outback and you can stay up to date with all their travels on their website or read their Tow-Pro Elite V2 review in full here.



Calling it a day

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