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Travel Outback Australia review REDARC’s Dual Battery Charger

Travel Outback Australia review REDARC’s Dual Battery Charger

Gary and Amanda are the dynamic duo and media mavens of Travel Outback Australia. They have an unrelenting passion for nature, adventure, travelling and most importantly the Australian outback. They have always had a minimalistic approach to tackling life on the road, but recently we gave them one of our BCDC Dual Battery Chargers to trial on their next adventure and here’s what they had to say about it.


Out with the old and in with the new


In years gone by Gary and Amanda would often forgo all the bells and whistles as they tried to enjoy the true experience of being away from it all.  Their one necessity was always keeping their Waeco fridge going, which was never a problem as they had a REDARC Dual Battery Isolator installed between their start and auxiliary batteries.

Despite the reliability of their existing setup, the purchase of a new vehicle meant a chance to review their dual battery setup. Gary said “We are travelling more and for greater periods of time, I needed something else. Modern technology has changed the way auxiliary batteries can be charged in many vehicles and technology has to keep up.”

When Gary upgraded his vehicle to a late model Prado, he also decided that he needed to take the next step to install a dual battery charger.


A new 4X4 means new gadgets 


The BCDC1225D In-vehicle Battery Charger


When on the hunt for a new battery charger Gary noticed a variety of options from a range of different manufacturers. And after speaking to REDARC it was decided that the BCDC1225D DC to DC battery charger would best suit his needs and most importantly, it was designed, developed and manufactured in Australia.

Gary’s first impressions of the unit were that it was sturdy and well suited to Australian conditions, noting “it’s fully sealed so the likes of dust, water and even vibrations shouldn’t do it any harm. It’s compact and even though we have used up much of the space under our bonnet I was able to fabricate a bracket to mount it in a suitable location to keep it out of harm’s way.”


With the right gear, you will be able to stay that extra night no matter how far off the grid you are


Powerful performance


Once installed and put to the test on the road, Gary and Amanda found that it had some similar benefits to their previous step. Gary said, “one of the most important functions is that it operates as a dual battery isolator. This means that even if the auxiliary battery runs low the starting battery will be protected.”

Perhaps the feature that was most useful to Gary and Amanda was the in-built Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Regulator which allows the BCDC to charge from both solar and the alternator simultaneously. “When you travel a lot like us where we often camp in one spot overnight, battery charge hasn’t been a problem. Lately though, we have been extending our overnight stays to 2-3 nights and it is nice to know that we can keep our battery charged by using the solar option,” Gary added.


A cold fridge = happy campers


The Verdict


The BCDC helped ensure the fridge was ticking over even in the most remote areas and extreme heats, allowing Gary and Amanda to enjoy cold drinks any time of day to go alongside their freshly cooked meals. In Gary’s own words, “If you’re looking for a charger solution you can’t go past a REDARC charger to keep your auxiliary battery up to scratch.”

You can read the review in full here or stay up to date with the guys on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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