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Tow-Pro Elite: the 'big brother' you never knew you had

Tow-Pro Elite: the 'big brother' you never knew you had

Stray Creative have decided to work mobile for a year to see some of this great country and meet some of the characters that live here. In this latest blog, Glenn, who makes one half of this duo, details his experience using the Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controller which helped him traverse some tricky situations. In his own words "The Tow-Pro Elite V2 was like having a big brother helping me every step of the way."


The Epiphany


Some months ago I decided to take my business Stray Creative mobile, being a media production and event management business I was confident that today’s technology would allow my dog Rusty (14-year-old Labrador) and I to see Australia as well as continue to run the business.

I also wanted to produce a light-hearted video series of our travels from both Rusty’s and my point of view, I had a mate Les Burdett voice Rusty’s thoughts for me.


Glenn, Rusty and Les Burdett (Rusty’s Voice)


We chose a 25ft Jayco Silverline Outback as our home for the next 12 months from Australian Caravans in Adelaide and quickly realised we would also need a new vehicle to tow it, for this we selected a 2017 Holden Colorado Z71 from Hamilton Holden at Brighton SA.

I was advised that we would need the electric brake controller fitted to the vehicle and I wanted the best one I could get, the advice was clear that the REDARC Electric Brake Controller was the best in the market, so that’s what I had fitted, the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite.

We also plan to go outback without the van at some stage so we had the Z71 fitted with a REDARC 3000 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter to power us up.


A Rookie Caravanner


Firstly I want to point out that I had never towed a caravan before and to go straight to a 25ft/3 plus ton caravan was a big ask and I had to learn fast.

The weight and sheer size of the van was a real worry for me in the beginning and there were times leading up to departure that I wished I’d selected a camper trailer instead.


My Big Brother


One of the most harrowing situations we have encountered so far started with a bad mapping decision. We were a few weeks into our trip and heading from South Australia to Port Douglas to escape the winter rain and wind of Adelaide.

Departing Tamworth the plan was to head to Coffs Harbour along the Waterfall Way, it was a pretty hilly drive and we stopped at Dorrigo Mountain for the night. After realising we had to go down a terribly steep road the next day I changed route and redirected to go straight from Dorrigo Mountain to Byron Bay.

This route was peppered with winding roads, taking us up and down mountainsides for hours, with hairpin turns, complete with a side of steep angled turns. Throughout the taxing few hours, I felt I had what I could only describe a big brothers hand on my shoulder when I needed it, saying “don’t worry Glenn, I’ve got your back!”

Who was the big brother?

My Tow-Pro. Continually taking the pressure off my vehicle and my mind as we encountered log trucks and narrow roads. The peace of mind and relief it gave me throughout was something I had not imagined and it continues to be easily one the most valuable pieces of equipment I’ve got.


The Tow-Pro guiding me safely


Another instance my big brother stood up for me was the day we were travelling the Bruce Highway heading to Rockhampton. There had been a lot of trucks on the road that day and it was nearing the end of a full on day.

We were travelling in the left-hand lane in a passing section when we began to merge right as the lane was ending. All of a sudden I noticed a semi-trailer beginning to speed up to pass us in the right lane, I advised him on the CB we were merging, however, he ignored it.

With little asphalt in front to pull back, it was the steady hand of the REDARC Tow-Pro on my shoulder yet again as it had my back and pulled us up in time,  averting what could have been a serious situation.

We are now 6 months into our 12-month journey and the Tow-Pro Elite gives me the confidence to take on the challenges we have before us, knowing that when we need to stop this big rig the Tow-Pro’s hand will again be resting on my shoulder.



To follow Glen and Rusty's journey around Australia, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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