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Total Vehicle Management with RedVision

Total Vehicle Management with RedVision

The freedom to explore can be achieved as simplistically as throwing the swag on the roof rack, some snags and beer in the fridge, some firewood on board, and then head for the tracks. Once in a while though, a bigger adventure beckons.

To truly relax in a faraway paradise means loading a little more than the basics. Setting up a camper trailer or 4WD as home base at a spectacular location of your choosing affords true long-term self-sufficiency and the comforts of home.


True self sufficient remote travel


Self-sufficiency requires some awareness of a range of vitals, beyond how many cold beers are left in the fridge. Power and water are probably the most critical and worrying about these can soon put a dent in the ambience you’ve been dreaming of.

Most camper trailers or even 4WD's have no shortage of features and as far as creature comforts go, can be as well kitted out as a house. But, there can be one additional feature that ties everything together to make it the ultimate holiday home, the RedVision total vehicle management system from REDARC.



Setting off from home is one of the most exciting bits of any trip, and there is so much to remember. Have you got everything, did you lock the house properly, did you leave anything in the house fridge that will spoil before you return? Check, double-check, then finally make tracks! But what about; have you left anything on in the van that could cause an issue on the drive? Now, you don’t even need to think about it.

With RedVision – it knows when you have started the car and automatically turns off everything in the van for you, except the fridge of course. This means you won’t arrive at camp with no water left because you left the pump on and had a tap vibrate open or a pressure hose burst. Nor will you have a burn mark your my canvas because you forgot to turn the lights off before winding the top down.


Keep a closer eye while you travel 


Along the journey, passengers can see on their phone that the vans charging system is working and that the batteries will be full when you arrive at the end of the day. It also lets you know that that stretch of washouts along the track didn’t cause your Anderson plug to lose connection, all without having to even get out of the car and check!

When rolling into camp as it's getting dark, you can use your phone to turn the vans outside lights on before even opening the door up, lighting up the area for a good view around so you can position the van in the perfect position to set-up. Without hunting around in the dark van for the light switch, you can also use your phone to turn the interior lights on as you wind the roof up.

Relaxed, you're free to just climb into bed and turn all the lights off, the fan on, and a quick glance assures you that you have plenty of power left for the night, all from your phone.



First thing in the morning it's time to turn the Pure Sine Wave Inverter on to run the coffee machine and see how much current your portable solar blankets are putting into the battery from the display mounted in the kitchen.

After breakfast and having moved to the waters edge with the awning out on your 4x4, the day starts to heat up, so you check on the fridge and ambient temperatures, seeing that you have accidentally left the inverter on earlier this morning. The tap of a button means you can turn it off without walking back up the beach to the van.


Total vehicle management made easy


After the sun sets, not wanting to leave the water's edge just yet, you can turn the outside lights on and fire up the hot water in readiness to retire back to the van for a hot shower. Which means it's also a good time to see how much water is on tap, again, all from your phone.

After dinner it's a quick glance at the mounted display as you sit down to watch a movie with a glass of red, giving you the peace of mind that you have ample power for the night once again.

Installing the RedVision system means you don’t have to worry about running around checking gauges, meters, and finding switches. RedVision brings everything together, to automate functions, give control and information all in the palm of your hand. Meaning you can easily take all the comforts of home to your favourite spot for the ultimate freedom with RedVision.



And when combined with REDARC’s next-generation Manager30 you now have the complete battery management solution. You can’t buy peace-of-mind, but this combination comes close to it.

Not only will you know that your auxiliary batteries are being charged to 100%, but you can also view this information on conveniently on your smartphone.


Freedom to focus on whats important


Some say that this takes away the true essence of camping, but there is nothing worse than waking up the next morning to realise you have left some camp lights on or the fridge open and drained your batteries.

The great thing about the RedVision and Manager30 is that it can be tailored to everyone’s individual build, whether it’s a canopy build, camper or retro-fit of an old van, it can be configured to do whatever you want to suit any type of travel you want.


If you're looking to start your next 4x4 or camper trailer upgrade but not sure what products will help with your power management needs. take the REDARC virtual product tour to find out more.


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