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Top 7 Electrical Gadgets for your Australian Road Trip

Top 7 Electrical Gadgets for your Australian Road Trip

So you’re heading on a road trip across Australia, hey? First things first, AWESOME! This is possibly the best adventure you’ll ever go on, so prepare to have the time of your life. But are you prepared? Steph Parker from Big World Small Pockets shares her thoughts. 


You may be traveling uber-cheap and free camping most of the way, but trust me there are some comforts you’ll want, or even need. To get you thinking, here are 7 electrical gadgets you should have for your next Australian road trip.




  1.       GoPro Camera


First up, the ultimate action camera! It might be a big outlay, but so many people are traveling with a GoPro now, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out if you aren’t part of the club!


The great thing about GoPro cameras when it comes to road trips is that you can strap them to the outside of your vehicle and get some awesome action footage of the incredible landscape you’ll be passing. GoPro cameras are also great for making memories from your trip, creating edited videos and epic photos you’ll be able to look back on and smile about for years to come.

REDARC 700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter


  1.       Inverter


Next on the list of the top electrical gadgets for your Aussie road trip is the not so humble inverter. If you’re traveling in a campervan or 4wd then this is a particularly crucial one as it allows you to charge and run 240v devices like laptops, phones and GPS systems off a 12v battery like that of your vehicle.


Inverters can be large, bulky and expensive, but they are worth their weight in gold when it comes to wanting to stay connected and stay safe on your journey.

 LED light

  1.       LED Lights


A large part of your Aussie road trip will involve staring at the country’s incredible night skies and marvelling at all the stars, but at times, you will also want to see a bit more! That’s where LED lights come in.


These easy to use, easy to store and super bright lights are the way to go when it comes to cooking or setting up camp after dark and, best of all they use almost no power, meaning they won't drain your battery – hoorah!




  1.       Fridge


Keeping food cold and good to eat for longer periods of time is crucial when you are on an Aussie road trip. Sure you can risk it with an esky, but if you’re carrying some decent meat for your barbie, then they are not always the most reliable!


Messing around with all the ice, constantly draining them and having to buy more bags of frozen water is also highly annoying. If your road tripping remote for long periods of time, buying ice might not even be possible!


Take my advice and try a get a campervan with a fridge. This will save you sooo much time and hassle. No matter where you go your food will stay crisp, fresh and not half-frozen like it will in esky!



  1.       GPS


You know about the dangers of getting lost in Australia right? Then I definitely recommend investing in some GPS technology and letting these modern devices do the hard work so you can just concentrate on the views.


Many hire cars companies even rent GPS systems out now, so if you are hiring a vehicle for your road trip, shelling out the amount to buy one isn’t even necessary.

Smart Phone

  1.       Smart Phone


The good old good smartphone, where would all be without them hey! This is probably one electrical gadget you should have for an Aussie road trip that you’ve already got – hoorah!


Phones are so useful for a ton of things, from booking accommodation, to researching destinations, taking photos and following maps, they are almost as useful as these other 6 things put together, well apart from the fridge maybe!


redarc solar blanket


  1.       Solar Panel


This crucial piece of kit is the thing that’s going allow you be self-sufficient during your Aussie road trip and allow you to get seriously off-grid and to all the best bits!


The wonders of solar panels are hard to overestimate! Not only do they keep your fridge going and your LED lights glowing, but they’ll make sure you can drive back to the highway or home after your multi-day adventures in the wilderness. For a 12v solar panel or blanket definitely get at least a 120w system  – you’ll always need more power than you think!


So those are my top 7 electrical gadgets for your Australian road trip. What others would you recommend?

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