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Top 10 off-road accessories for your 4x4

Looking to take your rig off-road but not sure what products you’ll need to keep you safe, powered and on the straight and narrow?

REDARC have teamed up with the off-road experts at ARB to find out what the top 10 accessories budding 4x4, caravan and camper trailer fans should look to install to take their rigs to the next level. 


  1. ARB Air Lockers: This is the first performance mod you should put on any vehicle being used for Low Range 4WD. A set of front and rear Air Lockers provide you 100% drive to all 4 wheels all the time, which cannot be controlled with open diffs or any traction control system.

  2. ARB Double SkyDome Swag: Swags are a great option, especially for quick weekend getaways and trips that are taking you to more remote locations. They may seem a little bulky at first, but when you realise you can back your mattress, sleeping bag and travel pillow inside for 2 adults, they are a very reasonably sized and especially quick to set-up and pack down to make camping a breeze.

    arb swag redarc

  3. ARB On Board, Twin Air Compressor: Whether you’re out 4WDing or towing a caravan on the big lap, onboard air is a great benefit. It means no pulling out a compressor and attaching it to the battery or trying to find the closest service station.

  4. Bull Bar: Whether it is cross country touring or weekend 4WDing, a bull bar is a must! Ensure your vehicle is protected from unexpected animal strikes so you're free to carry on your journey. It is also the perfect platform for mounting accessories like driving lights, aerials, and winches.

  5. ARB Intensity Driving Lights: Once you’ve had good driving lights, you’ll never go back. ARB’s range of Australian designed and American made Intensity driving lights will ensure years of brilliant, reliable light. Perfect for those early rises or late nights looking for your campsite.

  6. Frontier Long Range Fuel Tank: There is nothing worse than stopping every time you see a service station, or having to leave your tour of the Vic High Country to refill. An ARB Frontier Long Range Fuel tank is the perfect option with many applications, allow you to almost double your fuel capacity.

  7. ARB Elements Fridge: It doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend and you’re heading over to your mates place, picking up some groceries from the supermarket or getting ready to hit the road for a year, having a fridge on board means no ice and cold drinks all the time. And coupling this with a dual battery system with DC-DC charging means no strain on your battery, keeping your fridge cold and your engine running.

    redarc arb offroad tourer

  8. Old Man Emu Suspension: Not only is a properly matched suspension kit able to improve load carrying capacity, off road ability, handling, safety and comfort but it is also the only accessory you get to enjoy every time you drive your 4WD.

  9. ARB Rear Step Tow BarAlmost everyone nowadays needs a tow bar; but for just a little extra why not get 180 degrees of protection? It offers a better step platform and the perfect location to plumb in your trailer electrics, 12 Volt connectors and compressor outlet. And to keep your trailer in complete control and within easy reach, the Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controller never fails to prove exactly why it’s Australia’s favourite brake controller.

  10. ARB Canopy: For those driving a dual cab ute, most would be keen to make the most of the space and carrying capacity available by fitting a canopy. ARB’s range of canopies offer sleek designs, hidden window buttons and remote central locking. ARB canopies have a roof load carrying capacity of 100kgs plus the weight of an ARB roof rack with the optional supports.


What makes picking products even more fun is that every vehicle is different, everyone’s needs are different and the way everyone wants to travel is different too. There’s no right or wrong way to go about building your off-road rig but the most important part is to get on out there and discover as you go.


Find out how REDARC can help power your adventures with the virtual product tour. It offers an easy way to find out exactly how our products can work together to help make your 4x4, camper or caravan the ultimate off-road explorer.

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19/08/2019 19:45
To stay safe and get best performance from your off-road vehicle, you need to know as much as you can about your off-road vehicle. Know how to use the controls and exactly your 4×4 off-road system works.