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Tips and advice: Is your vehicle prepared?

Tips and advice: Is your vehicle prepared?

Our experts answer the common questions asked about our products

When planning a trip over the holidays, it is especially important to ensure your vehicle and trailer is ready. Don’t try and leave it to the last minute. With the Christmas rush, we suggest booking your car in for a service, if you haven’t already and finding the answers to your vehicle questions. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.


Our tech support line is here to answer any product related question you have before you embark on your holiday. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions (and the answers) we get about our products this time of the year.


Which brake controller should I use?

If you have been keeping tabs on our blog recently, you would know our number one recommendation is the Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller. The Tow-Pro Elite is the only brake controller in the market to offer two types of braking in the one unit which comes pretty handy when driving on the black top and for serious off-roading.


Need more convincing? Read how Shaun Whale uses his Tow-Pro Elite and how the guys at My Aussie Travel Guide use theirs on their recent trip to Cape York.


Why is my Tow-Pro Elite flashing blue and green?

First things first, relax. This is normal. The Tow-Pro Elite is just calibrating and this will only happen once. Read why this happens and watch what this looks like.



Where can I pick up the brake light signal (red wire) in my vehicle?

The requirements for a suitable connection of a brake controller trigger wire are quite specific. This connection point must:

  • Provide battery voltage output while the vehicle brakes are applied.
  • Have 0 volts output while the vehicle brakes are not applied
  • Accept battery voltage input when the brake controller manual override is operated and switch on at least the trailer brake lights.
  • Accept the battery voltage input as above without causing any damage, spurious vehicle operation or erroneous fault indication.


For many vehicles, the brake light terminal of the trailer lighting socket provides a suitable connection, but this is not necessarily suitable for all vehicles.


Unfortunately, we cannot recommend where to make this connection on a specific vehicle’s OEM wiring and if your Auto Electrician does not have this information he/she may need to contact the vehicle manufacturer.


Our technical support line is a FREE service for REDARC product information and assistance with fault diagnosis; however, for system design and installation queries such as this, we suggest you contact a qualified auto electrician.


Which BCDC do I need for my vehicle?

You’ve done your research and you have realised you now need an  In-Vehicle Battery Charger to charge your batteries on the go.


But which one do you need?


Every vehicle is different. Why not try using our Dual battery calculator as a starting point? From there we recommend contacting your auto electrician for the best advice tailored to your vehicle and battery management/charging needs.


Where can I pick up ignition in my vehicle?

The ignition trigger location varies between vehicles and is becoming more difficult as manufacturers make their vehicles smarter. For any pre-2010 vehicles the best way is to grab a multimeter and check voltages on 10A or higher fuses in the fuse box, you’re looking for one that gives you nominal 12 volts when the key is in the ON position and 0 volts when in the OFF position.


If you’re unsure of how to use a multimeter, the location of your fuse box or your vehicle was manufactured later than 2010, we strongly suggest contacting an auto electrician to assist you further.


Why isn’t my brake controller working?

If you have left your caravan in storage for several months and you’re only just putting the pieces together, stop. Read this blog post about common trailer wiring faults and preventative maintenance as this could point to a reason why your Tow-Pro Elite isn’t functioning as expected.


The trailer brake controller is only as good as the wires and plugs connecting it to the trailers brakes, so make sure you check the condition of the circuit! The Tow-Pro Elite connections should be rust, dust and dirt free.


Why isn’t my Battery Management System working?

Firstly, if your Manager30 Battery Management System has been neglected for most of the year, it’s likely that the battery has flattened down to nothing. If you’re still having issues after doing this, grab a multimeter and check your auxiliary batteries voltage.  As a safety feature, The Manager won’t charge a battery discharged below 5 volts. Charging a battery discharged this low can be dangerous, so we suggest seeking the assistance of an auto electrician or a battery specialist before you embark on your journey.


It all comes back to preventative maintenance before you head off; The Manager should be connected to 240VAC or have sufficient solar input with no load all year-round while in storage.


Why is my remote monitor not working?

If there’s nothing happening with the Battery Management System monitor it could still be in storage mode, the screen should wake up after a push of the button and you can change to touring mode where you get all the battery information. If this doesn’t work, connecting your vehicle to the trailer via the Anderson plug will force the Battery Mangement System into touring mode and should activate the monitor manually.


If you need a refresher on The Manager's screen options and you’re unsure on how to navigate, check out this quick video which explains all the menu options.



For more handy tips and advice head on over to our resources section or join Club REDARC for free to get exclusive forum access for all your questions.  

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