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Taking the Power of REDARC to Tasmania

Taking the Power of REDARC to Tasmania

Caleb is a versatile freelance photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. His nomadic spirit ensures he is frequently roaming across Country & the World as often as possible. In this latest blog, he details his experience to Tasmania and the products he used to get him there.


The land of Tasmania for me was never high on my priority list for some unknown reason but it’s now definitely at the top of my ‘return to asap’ list. I now see it as Australia’s hidden gem and our closest resemblance to the landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island.


With an estimated 10,000kms round trip from Perth I was pretty excited to get on the road and into the wide-open deserts along the South Australian coastline. I really enjoy the barrenness down there and the endless searching for waves and hidden coves to camp in. It was one of the trips where you depart with the empty feeling you’ve left something behind, but I was soon to realise it was just the excitement of such an extraordinary adventure ahead.



The power to explore


I recently hooked up my 1000w Pure Sine Wave inverter in the rear of the car so I was excited to keep everything charged on this trip and see how it faired in the dusty, bumpy trails. I’d had a bad run with cheaper inverters in the 150/300w range that only seemed to last one or two trips and took forever to charge my camera and drone batteries. I now had reliable power!


South Australia was incredible, we surfed all day, explored in the afternoons before settling with the best camp we could find for the night. Just as I have done with some return journeys, its such a good feeling to be able to roll out the solar blanket and power one of the fridges from the desert sun, eliminating any distractions whilst I surf or take photos. No one likes to come back to a warm fridge full of food and I’ve found the solar blanket most handy when staying in one spot for a few days, trying to avoid starting the car to power up the dual battery.


I’d set it up with one of the fridges or power the dual so there’s never a need to start the car and ruin the serenity. With such huge distances ahead of us and a ferry to catch, we had to keep moving each day towards our Tasmanian dream.


Surfs up thanks to the power of REDARC

An inspired change of scenery


Driving off the Ferry in Tasmania, we became very aware that we may not have packed enough warm clothes as several layers had to be put on very quickly. It was now time to get on the road and explore this foreign Island as best we could in two weeks. We camped in a new landscape every night from calm, crystal clear beaches, snowy mountaintops, banks of fast flowing rivers to the rugged coastline of the West Coast. Everyday was different and exciting.


 A change of scenery never hurt no one


Making the most of the down time


There were a few days when we were rained on or snowed in and couldn’t pack up the tent/ swag as it would be too wet. So it was a great time to catch up on photo and video edits and I strategically setup my REDARC inverter so I could have the car locked at night yet still have my canopy open to plug my laptop in and feed the cord up into the rooftop tent.


From there, the inverter runs off my dual battery and keeps it charged while I work on photos or watch movies at night before bed. I’ve had them in the car before but sometimes you get caught out by rain during the night with the window slightly open. I feel I’ve finally got a good system!


All work and no play, well perhaps it's the other way around when you get to travel this beautiful country!

An experience for all


Tasmania is a must do for anyone, I feel it caters for people young and old, the adventurous or even those just seeking more of a laid back vacation. Maybe it’s just over here in the West that we don’t hear of many people driving to Tasmania, but I’d do it all again tomorrow!


There are some seriously muddy tracks for the avid 4WDer however make sure you have recovery gear and another car if you can, as we almost became very stuck even with all the gear onboard. When you do make it down to Tassie, buy a ‘two month’ parks pass, which will allow you to visit any park on the island. They are all so different and very much worth exploring.


I hope to see you down there soon!


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