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Take your camp cooking to the next level

Take your camp cooking to the next level

Eating a delicious hot meal while sitting around the campfire is a camping experience you just can’t beat. Especially these days, with so much 12V gear available it’s easier than ever to keep produce and meat fresh while on the road. With the right gear and a little bit of knowhow, anyone can make delicious meals while off-grid.


Power all the comforts of home


Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to go without a nice coffee as there’s nothing better than waking up on a cold morning to a steaming cup of coffee. While you can just take your regular instant coffee, if you’re looking for something a bit fancier investing in a Pure Sine Wave Inverter for your setup will mean you can easily run a kettle or even coffee machine.


Using an inverter to power a blender as it's making smoothies


Pure Sine Wave Inverter’s work by converting DC power from your auxiliary battery into AC mains power, the same type of power you’ll find running through your wall outlets at home. So as long as you have the right sized inverter you can run any accessories that you’d run at home including coffee machines, blenders, and microwaves. Choosing the right sized inverter and making sure your batteries can handle it is critical. An inverter that is too small won’t have enough power to run your accessories and one that is too big will very quickly drain your battery.

If you’re planning to be parked up or on the road for a longer period, having some solar can help to put a bit of extra power back into your batteries to make sure you’re never left without a hot coffee in the mornings or a cold beer in the afternoon.


Keep food fresh with a 12V fridge


A relatively simple off-grid upgrade, running a fridge in your 4WD is an easy way to take your camp eats to the next level. By getting away from the humble esky you no longer have to fish waterlogged food out of melted ice and taking fresh meat and produce off-grid becomes a whole lot easier. Being able to keep fresh produce makes it easier to cook up a storm at camp no matter how far off grid you are. Many 12V fridges these days are dual temperature, meaning half or all the fridge can be converted to a freezer. Using the freezer to take pre-cooked frozen food can make having tasty meals on the road that much easier as you only need to defrost and heat them and you’re good to go.


finding food in a 12V fridge


Campfire cooking


Campfire cooking is an easy way to whip up a tasty meal without having a to bring or have a pre-existing cooking setup. Especially in winter, cooking your food over the campfire is an intrinsic part of the camping experience. There are a few things to consider though, especially in the colder months, when deciding to cook via campfire. With the winter rain, if you’re planning to collect wood at your campsite it pays to collect it early in the morning and leave it somewhere off the ground to dry out for the day before setting up your campfire. If you must take wood with you, keeping it somewhere enclosed and dry means that you won’t have to worry about struggling with damp wood when the time comes to start your fire.


The campfire burning at camp as the sun sets


When setting up your campfire, placing the wood in a criss-cross or log cabin formation rather that the typical tepee setup gives you a flat top to put your grill plate or pan on, burns slower and distributes the heat more evenly. Cooking in or over the hot coals is another way to use your campfire for food. Just wrap your food in aluminium foil and place it in the coals, or to level up your camp cooking, you can invest in a cast iron Dutch oven style pot. If you’re planning to cook on an open campfire, making sure you have a first aid kit or burn kit on hand and knowing how to use it is always a good idea.


A bit of foodspiration


So now you’ve figured out how you’re going to cook while off grid, the next question is what are you going to cook? Nothing is better than sitting around the campfire with a hot meal, and with a little bit of imagination you can whip up almost anything. One pot meals are an easy way to cook something tasty with little effort. It doesn’t get easier than being able to chuck all your ingredients in one pot and leave it in the hot coals for a few hours. Only using one pot also takes a lot of the effort out of washing up. If you’re after a bit of camp cooking inspiration we recommend checking out Fire To Fork’s website or YouTube channel. Harry is an off-grid cooking expert and can have you whipping up a five-star meal in no time.

For some more camp cooking inspiration check out Fire To Fork’s no bake cheesecake recipe or learn more about installing an inverter in your setup.


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