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Solar Power Essentials to Tour Australia

Solar Power Essentials to Tour Australia

Joel and Shenae from Touring Aus are a couple that has always loved getting out and exploring the great Australian outdoors and are currently on their second leg of a trip around Australia.

The trip has seen them go through Victoria, up through the outback centre of Queensland to Darwin, across to the Kimberley and down the West Coast, finishing back in Victoria. Accompanying them on their journey was one of our portable solar panels. Hear their thoughts on how the REDARC solar panel has faired on their journey so far. 


Rugged REDARC Solar BlanketsA REDARC solar blanket is perfect for camping off the beaten track


What’s onboard


We are travelling in a 2016 Ford Ranger and towing a 2008 Aussie Swag Camper. Before heading off on our trip, we wanted to make sure we were going to get the most life out of our batteries. For this to happen we installed a BCDC1225D In-vehicle battery charger in the car that charges two 105A batteries. These batteries run a 45Ltr freezer, lights in the canopy and give us that extra power for the winch when we need it.

The camper trailer runs a Manager30 battery management system that charges two 105A batteries. These batteries run our 60Ltr fridge, LED lights around camp, and can charge all of our electronic devices including; digital cameras, laptops, and SAT phone through our Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The camper’s batteries enable us to stay out in remote locations for longer periods of time.


No compromises when travelling remote


Here at Touring Aus, we find that quality products last longer and work more efficiently, therefore, we have chosen a REDARC 115W folding solar blanket as one of our travel essentials. Whilst base camping in some of Australia’s remote areas the blanket has allowed the batteries to stay fully charged, increasing the life and performance of the batteries. Staying charged keeps our fridge and freezer running to prevent food going off as grocery stores can be weeks apart. It also allows us to charge our electronic devices up after a day out exploring.


The REDARC solar blanket soaking up the sun


Benefits of a solar blanket


The blanket is made up of solar cells attached to a flexible cloth backing, making it strong, robust and ideal for the conditions we travel through.  The steel eyelets in each corner make for easy hanging on the end wall of the camper or even off the side of the car. They also work well as a great spot to peg the blanket down to the ground on those windy days. And for security, we use one of the islets to padlock the blanket to the camper to keep the power coming in whilst out exploring for the day.   


Flexible Anderson plug connectivity


An excellent feature of the blanket is the 50 Amp Anderson plug connection. It’s strong, reliable and makes for easy connection via a 10-metre Anderson to Anderson cable to the camper. This allows increased mobility when moving around camp to follow the sun and soak up the rays.

The lightweight and compact size is ideal for space saving and keeping vehicle weight to a minimum. Reducing every bit of weight counts when we are on the road for extended periods and the blanket folds up making it easy to store in the rear drawers of the ute, rear drawer of the camper or even under the driver seat. This really does make it the best portable solar panel for camping.


Compact in size and easy to store when on the move


Tough and durable solar accessory


The blankets are tough and durable, which is a welcome relief as some glass solar panels can shatter, which we know all too well from previous experience.

We are very satisfied with our REDARC folding solar blanket and highly rely on this for our trip around Australia. We recommend this product to anyone requiring constant and reliable power for travelling, camping and on the road for extended periods of time like us.


You can keep up to date with Joel and Shenae's adventures by following their Instagram page Touring Aus.

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