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Unbeatable Rigs: Sean Scott Photography

Unbeatable Rigs: Sean Scott Photography

Sean Scott is one of Australia’s most iconic photographers. His work is held in the homes and hearts of many Australians. His photography is centred around the natural environment, landscapes and the ocean. The past couple of years have seen Sean focus more on the outback and some of Australia’s more remote destinations. 

Sean was searching for battery management products for his brand-new Toyota Landcruiser which would allow him to stay off the grid and keep his batteries charged, providing him with the power to get to those faraway destinations to shoot his distinctive images. Sean talks us through his new setup and explains how the power of REDARC helps make his amazing photography possible.


No words needed, Sean is an amazing photographer


Turning a Landcruiser into an off-road warrior


After travelling around Australia twice this last 2 years I decided to design and build my ultimate off-road photography adventure truck. I wanted to be able to work in some of Australia’s most isolated and iconic locations, so I needed a vehicle that could get me anywhere and support me with charging batteries, running fridges and make life on the road just that little bit better.

When I was looking into my electrical needs only one company stood out that looked perfect for the job. I had been using a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controllers for years and after previous trips with my caravan, I knew what I was looking for regarding a Battery Management System.  Most standard vans do not run a good DC to DC charger and this has been my undoing on numerous occasions. I also used to work as an electrician, so I had a good understanding of what I was after and REDARC’s reputation spoke for itself.

 Nothing beats a trusty Landcruiser


I designed my Landcruiser to become my mobile office and workstation. I still tow the larger van when the family are travelling with me, but it’s just as flexible for us to all take off to the rough locations in the new truck.

I have The Manager30 Battery Management System controlling the charging of a 200amp lithium battery. It receives charge from either the vehicle or the 120-watt fixed solar panel on the roof, and can also take charge from a 240v power supply. However, I haven’t had a need to use it so far.


Powering a fridge on the road


The battery is connected to my upright fridge and also powers a REDARC 1500w Pure Sine Wave Inverter. I use it to charge all the batteries for my phone, laptop, cameras, drones, basically, you name it, and the inverter can charge it. It can also power a coffee machine because I love nothing more than waking up in the remote outback to a fresh latte before I start work.

I have also got a portable solar blanket that feeds into the Manager30 so that gives me the option of extra charge when I am camped for longer periods of time or when I decide to camp in the shade. All I need to do is run an extension cord to my portable lightweight solar panel and place it in the sun while I rest in the shade.


A room with a view, why would you want to stay in a hotel?


Travelling Australia without mains power


So far, I have taken the truck on 2 separate adventures to remote stretches of Australia. Both trips were over 10 days each, completely off the grid meaning I had no connection to mains power. The lowest I have seen my batteries were at 72% and the system had been running a treat.  Some days I have flown the drone and gone through in-excess of 10 batteries, but that is not a problem because as soon as one is flat it is put straight on-charge while I continue to photograph Australia's landscapes. 


Ready for the big lap of Australia


I now have trips planned all over Australia and start the big lap of the country in June. I have 100% confidence in the system I have in place.  Not just to supply my needs as a photographer but to provide those extra luxuries of an ice-cold beer at the end of the day or a hot coffee first thing in the morning. If you build your system correctly and use quality products such as REDARC then life in the outback can be as stress-free and comfortable as you make it.


You can keep up to date with Sean via his website, Facebook and Instagram.



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