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REDARC in Africa

REDARC in Africa

After a couple of adventurous journeys on 2 wheels travelling around Mongolia and Bolivia on a motorbike and across Sulawesi on a bicycle, Rinus Hartsuijker started planning an overland motorbike journey following the old Silk Road from Europe to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir and India. 

From India he shipped his motorbike back and flew to Australia where he met up with Helga and together they started the overland journey which they called "27.000 Miles Along The Sea" based on the distance they will be travelling. They are accompanied by a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier

In the last 17 months they traveled around Australia before shipping the Landcruiser to South Africa. In the next 8 months they will travel Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt before getting back in Europe and completing the 27.000 Miles Along the Sea.

Rinus and Helga map

Late last year they came to REDARC for some help. Being on the road and documenting the their travels they experienced problems with charging their devices like their Macbook Pro and camera. It meant they could not stay out in the bush for as long as they wanted to.

As the power solutions experts, we were able to help them out with a 700W pure sine wave inverter to charge their devices so they could keep on documenting as they travelled all around the world in their 78 series Troopcarrier. Not only that, but we also supplied them with a BCDC 1225 DC battery charger so that they had the right set up for their vehicle.

Right now, they are up in Langebaan next to Cape Town South Africa as they head up west following the coastline as they make their way back to the Netherlands.

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Rinus and Helga in Africa

Welcome to a day in our travel lives.

It’s early morning when Helga wakes me up with a cup of fresh coffee and a map. The map looks old, folded and well used. This has been our morning ritual for the last 20 months. Before that, when I  was still traveling alone, I had no one to make me coffee, but the map has always been there. 

Randomly we pick a place that looks good and is in travel distance. While we drink our Namibian roasted coffee we get the laptop out and do some research on the spot we chose. We used to do our research with Lonely Planets and travel magazines, but since we are using a 700W REDARC inverter we could get rid of the extra weight of having to carry books around and started to do everything digital. 

I rush to the car to get the battery of the Canon 5D of the charger to capture the beautiful sunrise from the roof of our Lancruiser Troopcarrier. I consider myself lucky, normally we don't wake up this early.

It around 09:00 when we had our breakfast and made up our minds. We start the car from our starter battery and slowly we see our voltmeter rising to 13v before the charging light of the auxiliary battery light goes on. Since we started charging from the REDARC DC to DC charger, the auxiliary battery that we use to run our fridge and charge our accessories has more capacity and the alternator gets a more constant load. It makes a huge difference!

Our destination is still hours away, but we already feel blessed and accomplished for the day by capturing this wonderful sunrise. The road is rough but the corrugations that we experienced in Australia we haven’t seen here in Africa. Hours later we arrive. We take the time to capture the place through our lenses and set up camp.

We don’t have to watch our batteries or voltmeter at the end of the day, because we trust in the power of REDARC. 

Follow their journey through Africa and more at:


Rinus and Helga vehicle


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