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Project Polly Powers up with a REDARC Solar Power System

Project Polly Powers up with a REDARC Solar Power System

“A Redarc solar power system takes Project Polly to the next level.”


Richard Robertson has written a series of articles in iMotorhome about his ex-rental campervan ‘Polly’. In April Richard attended the CMCA’s 30th Anniversary Rally at Bathurst, where he stayed on an unpowered site for up to a week. A solar power system was a priority for Richard since he started upgrading Polly from a basic ex-Apollo Rentals campervan into something more capable and comfortable. Richard chose the REDARC monocrystalline solar panels over the portable solar panels, as he wanted a permanent roof mounted system. “Redarc has an online solar calculator that does a good job of predicting your likely needs, based on a range of variables. It’s well worth spending your time experimenting with it to see how different options will affect your likely requirements” Richard said.


Richard also replaced his old CTEK battery charger with the Manager30. “This is a serious piece of kit and from what I can gather elsewhere it’s about the best you can buy.” Richard said he also “liked the fact it has a remote head unit with a wealth of digital readouts so I can keep an information-obsessed eye on charging, current draw and battery health at any time of the day or night.”


Richard sent Polly off to his closest authorised Redarc installer, Repco Authorised Service Centre in Mittagong. He had Gary install the Manager30 dual battery system and the 150W and 50W monocrystalline solar panels. Gary said “The main panel was straightforward to mount and this was the first time we’ve used Redarc’s plastic corner mounts, which are really sturdy.”


“The rally was also the big test for the newly installed Redarc solar power system.” Richard had Polly parked for five nights, running the fridge around the clock, “and the usual selection of lights, water pump, water heater, diesel heater and TV.” The 200 watts of the solar powered battery charger kept the single 100 amp-hour house battery in “top condition”.


“The Manager30 readout showed the battery level was never less than 98% or more than two hours from being fully charged.”


Click here to read Richard’s full article on ‘Project Polly’in iMotorhome (page 46).


This has been republished with permission from Richard Robertson and iMotorhome.


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