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Powered up for the perfect shot with REDARC

Powered up for the perfect shot with REDARC

When you want to take that perfect shot you can't afford to be let down by the blinking red light of a dying battery on your high spec camera. Or worse, discover you have damaged your camera batteries because you didn't get the right type of charge.

Cameras like the ones Two Strays carry are expensive for a reason, so it pays to get the best you can for longevity and to keep you taking those stellar snaps for years to come...


8 months of reliable power 


Rusty and I have now been travelling for over 8 months and we’ve captured some great scenery and experiences over that time in our Two Strays episodes.

We’ve seen crocodiles in the wild, amazing fish and coral scenery on the Great Barrier Reef, beautiful beaches and waterfalls including the Mossman Gorge.

We’ve also met some wonderful people with stories of their travels as well which is one of the really cool parts of our adventure.


Still best mates after all these years



Camera Ready


With our trip, we are using a range of camera options to make sure we can get the perfect shot if the opportunity arises, from simple Go Pro cameras for vehicle and underwater footage to a Phantom drone for the eye in the sky perspective.

We are also armed with a nice Canon 5D and round it off with a 4K Sony camera for the zooms and interviews along the way.

As anyone that likes capturing their own adventure with photos or video would know, often the absolute best shot opportunity is met with that alarming low battery message!! Grrr


Power hungry devices are no problem with a REDARC inverter


Staying in Charge


Well on our adventure I’m happy to say we haven’t been in that situation at all, the Colorado has been fitted out with a fantastic suite of REDARC products to ensure we never have the dreaded “Low Battery” message!

Located in the back of the ute is a REDARC 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, that I’ve joked could power a small village!

This has meant that even while we are travelling I can have batteries on charge in the back ready for whatever comes up!

I can tell you we have a lot of batteries to charge so having the 240v powerpoint in the back means I can have a power board running and charge all of them simultaneously if I need to, gold!

Also, on our trip, I’m continuing to run our Stray Creative Agency and have been caught out with a flat laptop battery a few times, right at the wrong time.

The beauty of this setup means I have been able to just plug it straight into the 240v plug and get right back to work.

Oh and the other great thing with the Redarc setup is... you guessed it, I’ve always got a cold beer at the ready… now that’s handy!



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